Crime and (no) punishment- Why Africas ports are v

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Crime and (no) punishment: Why Africa's ports are vulnerable to counterfeit Covid vaccines | News24 - Today News Post Today News || News Now

Law enforcement sources, crime analysts and others have identified free trade zones as arguably the biggest threat to the safety of vaccine supplies in Africa. Mombasa is at the top of the list of ports already a major conduit for falsified and substandard medicines. Lack of a continental strategy to stop the spread of fake Covid vaccines means countries are acting in isolationThose with negative test results can continue their 14-day quarantine at home..

Black-green tears of moss streak the facades of once-white buildingss Alex Boyd.. The city is a maze of narrow streets, some cobbled with sea-stonesThere have been 28,725,621 tests completed., calcified by the centuries that have passed since they were laid.

The air, always humid, is aromatic with sweet spices and fish, salt-washed from the nearby sea; the cacophony of the many markets and the muezzins’ call to prayer add to an atmosphere already heavy on the sensesThe festival has been shortened from previous years.? s second largest city told Danish broadcaster DR that when Danes get vaccinated?

There is rhythm here, in the cauldron of the Old Town, but it is offbeat – chaotic even. This is Mombasa – Africa’s fifth-busiest harbour, according to a report by financial advisory firm Okan and the Africa CEO Forum.

Kenya’s chief port, it handles cargo for the whole of East Africa and parts of Central Africa.?

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