Who is knocking on my window

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"Make life more possible" every second there are new stories, ups and downs, ups and downs

"make life more possible"

new stories happen every second, ups and downs, ups and downs

people often ask: what is the meaning of life

Cai Kangyong replied: life has a taste, and the meaning probably doesn't matter

today, let's take a look at the world's stories about windows, about the taste of windows

"everyone is not getting old. With the passage of time, many people and things will make you feel particularly funny and insignificant in the end, for which you will cast a childlike eye.

-- Patrick Modiano's youth Cafe

" I accidentally turned to the photos taken in Suzhou. One morning, I was only alone on Pingjiang road.

"single cycle Cai Qin's" forgotten time "

who is knocking on my window

who is touching the strings

that forgotten time

gradually rises out of my heart

"I like painting windows

I like flowers

I like flowers outside the window

I like sitting by the window watching flowers

" today's windows and cats outside the window

"Jilin Railway Station waiting hall

." sunny days are suitable for travel

"window of Wuzhen

"The classroom in the afternoon is silent

the thick curtain slowly stretches and gently raises its skirt

sporadic beams of light squeeze into the gap of the cloth, bright and dark

" my husband is still reading

"I need private space

" how to escape from the cage called daily

"schneiman doors and windows 14th anniversary Jane ouping windows are being sold at the" factory anniversary subsidy price ", and you can't miss

yes, it's advertising, Sister Shi's all about windows is how to recommend sieneman doors and windows to more families





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