How to prevent being fooled during decoration

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As we all know, decoration is a costly and laborious thing. If you want to install well, you should also make the money worthwhile. Anyway, it is necessary to understand some decoration methods in the early stage, so how to prevent being fooled during decoration? Today, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will talk to you about this issue in detail

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before decoration, we should formulate the overall budget of decoration, which projects need to be purchased for this decoration, which ones need to be purchased later, and what aspects to focus on. For example, the project of this decoration is basic decoration + basic equipment + basic household appliances, with emphasis on water and electricity, floor tiles, etc., which must be clearly divided

II. Project quantity

the number of construction projects must be clear, so that when talking about the quotation with the construction party, at least the other party will not play tricks on the quantity. In addition, the quotation should indicate that the settlement after completion is subject to the actual amount

III. It is very important to know the main materials clearly. The quotation should specify the brand, series, model, specification and other information of the materials used, and the process practices should also be involved, such as whether the emulsion paint is applied with primer, the number of times the primer is applied and the brushing standard

IV. hydropower transformation

owners who have experienced decoration believe that the water in this part of hydropower transformation is very deep and must be handed over to hydropower construction companies with professional experience. PVC-U threading pipes should recognize the first-line brand, and the same is true for wires. Bottom boxes, wiring terminals, pipe fittings can also be purchased online. The practice of hydropower is rather chaotic. You can also learn about the construction standards and specifications

v. careful inspection

it is necessary to carefully sort out before determining the commencement, especially those areas that are not easy to change and are closely related to future life. After the commencement, the materials that have not been delivered to the site should also be accepted. It is the same at each stage, so that it is not too late to find problems and rectify them

VI. installation link

installation is also an important link. This link requires the continuous installation of purchased large and small objects, lamps, sanitary ware, cabinets, doors, floors, hardware and a series of products. In addition to those installed by the manufacturer, the editor suggests that they should be installed by them after discussing with the construction party before construction, so as to clarify the responsibility in case of problems

editor's summary: decoration, a huge and cumbersome project, from the early stage to the middle stage and then to the completion of construction, the rules and regulations that need to be paid attention to and the parts to be considered are very complex. Many owners say that the decoration water is too deep, which is why they hope that the above shared contents can be helpful to you. (recommended reading: more decoration traps reveal the truth and skillfully avoid)

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