Classification and construction of marble

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Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite

for those who pursue comfort, bathroom occupies a large proportion in the total budget of home decoration. To spend this budget well, it is very important to grasp the appropriate purchase time of bathroom and sanitary ware

unpredictable: how to balance comfort and cheapness

a. sanitary ware size: calculate inch by inch

land occupation: how much space do various sanitary wares in the bathroom need? Generally speaking, the area occupied by the toilet is 37 × 60 cm; The area of the hanging basin is 50 × 70 cm, cylindrical basin with an area of 40 × 60 cm; The square shower has an area of 80 × 80 cm; The standard area of the bathtub is 160 × 70 cm

installation Reservation: the distance between the bathtub and the opposite wall should be 100 cm, which is a reasonable distance if you want to move around. Even if the bathroom is very narrow, there should be room for walking beside the bathtub

b. timing of sanitary ware purchase: the sooner the better

the construction period of home decoration generally takes about 30 to 40 days from the drawing of the decoration company to the final completion acceptance. So, when is the most appropriate time to buy sanitary ware

it is more troublesome to buy Sanitary Ware before installation.

because the installation of sanitary ware must be matched with appropriate installation conditions, and different products from different manufacturers have different requirements for installation conditions, such as: the faucet needs to be embedded with appropriate water supply pipeline, the bathroom cabinet needs to reserve enough installation space, the toilet needs to consider the wall distance, the shower room needs to consider the load-bearing wall, the floor drain position should be appropriate, etc, These conditions must be done well in the process of home decoration construction, otherwise sanitary products cannot be installed and used. It is better to decide the appropriate products in the early stage of construction, or even in the design stage, so that during construction, space can be reserved, pipelines can be reconstructed, and installation conditions can be created according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the selected products

sanitary ware should be determined before tiling

people often order sanitary ware after the tiles are pasted. At this time, they may find that the products they like cannot be installed, because the installation conditions reserved in advance are wrong, such as the pipeline is wrong and the size is inappropriate. There is no way, so they have to buy the products they don't like according to the size, make do with it, or rework and rebuild the pipeline. Often, they have to knock off some newly paved tiles, delaying the construction period, Increase costs and cause unnecessary losses

some sanitary wares need to be customized in advance

generally speaking, after the overall decoration style of the new house is determined, it is time to order the appropriate sanitary wares brand, style and color, and then create the corresponding installation conditions during construction according to the requirements of the set sanitary wares. At present, the trend of personalization is also very popular in the bathroom industry. Some brands often launch some very fashionable and personalized products, and their installation and use often require very unique installation conditions to match. Moreover, many personalized and high-value products often have an order cycle, ranging from a week to a month. At this time, if they are not ordered in advance and then ordered when it is time to use, many people often can't stand waiting for a long time

there are many advantages of buying sanitary ware early

buying sanitary ware in the early stage of decoration construction can also obtain the following benefits: first, time is easy, you can carefully compare brands, styles, prices, and buy the most satisfactory products; Second, if you choose medium and high-end brands, you can also let the designer of the bathroom manufacturer put forward the decoration suggestions and design schemes of the bathroom, and guide the decoration construction, so that the design of the bathroom will be more reasonable, and the product collocation can better meet the functional needs; Third, we can spare the energy of considering the main materials as soon as possible, and focus on urging the decoration team to improve the construction quality and ensure the overall effect of decoration




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