Save money, husband and wife, 60 thousand clothes,

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90 square meters of two houses, 60000 clear bags, the design is what we want, the decoration started, we don't know how to do some things, the workers urged all day, so we downloaded our favorite pictures from the Internet, and let the workers do it, ha ha

there is a cabinet on the balcony of the living room

and the door panel has grooves like the shoe cabinet, but it is different from the horizontal symmetry of the left and right of the shoe cabinet. The door panel of this cabinet is staggered and symmetrical grooves on the left and right, and the effect is very good. The wine bottle lamp on the balcony is homonymous with "Jiuping"

the TV cabinet and coffee table are 3960 meters, and the TV is 10900 meters of Samsung LCD 40 inches. Eleven takes a big advantage. At this price on the eleventh day, it will be 13900 the next day. It may be the wrong price. The sofa is elinu's, 3 meters long, 3400 meters. The legs of the sofa are too high. I plan to change to a shorter one





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