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Since the beginning of this year, China Coal four machinery branch of xingkuang group has expanded to Zhaoyuan, Shandong and Jining, Shandong, relying on self-produced coal mine concrete pumps, coal mine concrete sprayers, coal mine concrete mixers and other equipment, Shaanxi Hancheng, Shanxi Linfen and other places have made great efforts in target marketing and achieved good results in sales work. At the beginning of the year, we reached a technical agreement with Shandong Luxi coal industry and Hancheng coal industry on the concrete pump unit (mining concrete pump and mixer) for coal mine. The unit has been put into trial use in the new underground support project of coal mine, and the contract signing has entered the process; Subsequently, the company signed a contract with Xingdong Mine of Jizhong Co., Ltd. for the use of two mining concrete pumps. The equipment will be delivered and put into use. At present, home appliance materials are required to be used due to their appearance smoothness and stiffness

the concrete pump for coal mine produced by China Coal four is a new concrete conveying equipment developed to solve the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency and unstable construction quality of underground concrete conveying in coal mine. It is mainly used for pouring horse head gate, chamber, coal bunker, roadway and other projects to transfer the concrete from the mixing point to the working face higher than the distance. Since September2007, with the strong support of the leaders of the division and the technology department, the No. 4 machinery plant of China coal mine has engaged concrete pump technical experts, combined with our many years of underground construction experience, carried out many technical breakthroughs, made tooling and moulds, repeated practice and continuous improvement. Finally, the trial production was successful at the beginning of 2008, with independent intellectual property rights and national patent protection. The certificate of "coal safety sign" was obtained in late June of that year, paving the way for the pump to enter the coal mine well and use it with the strong support of the state

the concrete pump for coal mine can be applied under the conditions of horizontal conveying distance of 200m, height of 70m and maximum aggregate of 30mm. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, compact structure, and is suitable for use in a narrow underground space. The utility model has stronger underground adaptability, high practicability, simple operation and maintenance, and meets the explosion-proof requirements. It changes the traditional operation mode of underground concrete construction in coal mine, can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the work efficiency, and significantly improve the quality of concrete pouring

wet concrete sprayer and concrete mixer for coal mine are new environmental protection machines designed according to the fact that the underground chamber and roadway space are narrow and the equipment must be explosion-proof. They are mainly used for shotcrete operations in underground roadway support, sealing and other places. It is characterized by small volume, less manpower and less rebound of slurry. When they are used together, the efficiency and quality of anchoring and shotcreting are significantly improved. When they are used together with concrete pumps, the pumping effect and concrete pouring quality are also significantly improved

a sword has been sharpened for ten years, and its reputation has spread with the wind. At present, the concrete construction equipment of China Coal four machinery branch has been used in many coal industry units, such as Jizhong energy, Kailuan Group, Gansu Huating coal power group, Panjiang Coal Power Group, Sichuan Dazhu coal power group, Wanbei Coal Power Group, China Coal No. 1 construction, China Coal No. 3 construction, China Coal No. 5 construction, North China mining construction, capital construction company of Shenyang Coal Group, Jiangsu Huamei group, Sichuan Furong group, Jiangxi coal construction company, etc, The customer said it was good

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