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PPG fluorocarbon paint global certified customer China Conference was successfully held in Shanghai on November 22, 2011, PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) successfully held the true PPG and duranar global certified customer China conference entitled "true PPG, true warranty, true partner" in Shanghai today. The conference invited many well-known architectural designers and consultants from the industry, representatives of curtain wall enterprises, representatives of excellent painting enterprises and representatives of national industry associations to participate

ppg announced the list of global certified customers in China to all guests present. At the same time, the participants had in-depth exchanges on how to identify the authenticity of PPG fluorocarbon paint used in the project, how to understand the contents of the project warranty issued by the coating supplier, and how to select a reliable certified spraying plant. Professor Jiangquan from China building materials inspection and Certification Center also introduced the PPG fluorocarbon paint team and guests to the national standard "qualitative and quantitative testing methods for fluorocarbon paint"

fluorocarbon paint in the process of establishment, such as duranar under PPG, which can be widely used in coastal areas because of its superior weather resistance, UV resistance, acid rain resistance, humidity resistance and other advantages, At present, it has been widely used in the fields of doors and windows, curtain walls, decorative and experimental panels of landmark buildings

ppg has more than 40 years of experience in professional production of fluorocarbon coatings in the construction field. At present, it is the largest fluorocarbon coating manufacturer in the world

"as a leading coating supplier in the world, PPG is very willing to share our most advanced technologies and products with industry experts." Xiaoliming, commercial director of PPG industrial coatings in China, said, "we will not only continue to provide Chinese customers with the best products, but also hope to strive to establish a system to ensure the quality of PPG fluorocarbon coatings, so as to promote the healthy development of China's building curtain wall industry."

the figure can be directly a/d converted to PPG industrial coatings without magnification. Mr. wuchunping, vice president of Asia Pacific region, delivered a speech.

ppg: innovation. As you can see, the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its position as a world leading supplier of coatings and special products. With its leading position in terms of sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from industries, transportation, consumer goods, construction and other fields and their after-sales markets in various forms to improve the appearance of products, with the total sales of the top five enterprises in the innovation Sales Ranking Accounting for only 10.2% of the total sales of domestic biomedical materials. Founded in 1883, PPG industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, with production bases and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries around the world. In 2010, the company's global sales reached 13.4 billion US dollars. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please visit or

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