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The conference on "key technologies and equipment for green manufacturing of building materials" was held in Bengbu

the 2008 annual work conference on "key technologies and equipment for green manufacturing of building materials" in the national science and technology support plan of the eleventh five year plan, organized by the project management office of China National Building Materials group and undertaken by China National Building Materials International Engineering Co., Ltd., was held in Bengbu. Leaders from China Building Materials Research Institute, Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute, Xi'an wall materials design and Research Institute, Xianyang ceramic design and Research Institute and other units and persons in charge of the subject attended the meeting. Yaoyan, general manager of China Building Materials Group, Tong Jifeng, deputy chief engineer, Pengshou, chairman of China Building Materials Engineering, and other leaders and experts attended the meeting and made important speeches

the project undertaking unit made a comprehensive summary and report on its research progress. Maliyun made a summary and report on the project on behalf of the research group of "Research on Key Technologies of high efficiency and energy saving of float glass" of China Building Materials Engineering. The group leaders and the project management office carefully analyzed and summarized the situation of each project, and put forward specific measures to comprehensively complete the project research, which can also be used for food packaging and many other utilization goals

the meeting expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project, gave a high evaluation of the results achieved, put forward specific opinions and suggestions for the next research work, and required all undertaking units to further strengthen the organization and management of the project, especially to ensure the integration and optimization of technical indicators such as energy conservation and emission reduction, the implementation of implementation points, and the implementation of the progress of these cases we have seen, so as to provide a basis for future acceptance Lay a solid foundation for promotion. The meeting also inspected the budget implementation and put forward requirements for strengthening fund management

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