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Flame retardant: due to the consideration of cost increase, the use of flame retardant is not popular.

at present, there are more than 1000 flame retardant production enterprises in China, with good technical level and operation status, with an annual output of nearly 200000 tons. However, at the recent national flame retardant academic conference, zhouzhengmao, Secretary General of the China flame retardant society, pointed out that at present, the use of flame retardants in China is still not popular, and the proportion of domestic flame retardant plastics in plastic products is less than 2%. It is understood that as early as june2006, the mandatory national standard GB requirements and identification for flammability of flame retardant products in public places, which was organized and formulated by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, has been officially issued and officially implemented on march1,2007. However, the spontaneous combustion of buses in Chengdu and the fire in the new CCTV building in mid February all indicate the fact that the use of flame retardants is still not popular in China

it is understood that with the development of society, a large number of synthetic materials and polymer materials have emerged. These materials are very convenient to use, but the Achilles' heel is that they are easy to burn. Putting flame retardants in these materials can slow down the burning rate of the materials. In case of a fire, it can provide more escape time for the personnel and enable the firefighters to put out the fire as soon as possible. According to the provisions of the mandatory national standard GB requirements and identifications for flammability of fire retardant products used in public places, the building products, flooring materials, wires and cables, sockets, switches, lamps, appliance shells used in public places, as well as the thermal insulation layers and foamed plastics used in seats, sofas and mattresses must meet the corresponding fire retardant standard levels

in order to cooperate with the implementation of the national standard for breaking the sample after taking down the extension plan, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security also formulated the management measures for identification of flame retardant products, which was officially implemented on may1,2007. Since july1,2008, China has officially implemented the explicit management system of fire and flame retardant signs in public places. According to the system requirements, new or reconstructed public places must adopt flame retardant products that meet the mandatory national standard GB

however, the boss of a flame retardant enterprise disclosed to him that even though the laws and regulations have been promulgated, few products of relevant domestic enterprises can meet the standards. For products sold in the domestic market, enterprises do not care whether they meet the standards. "Technology is not a problem, the key is the cost. Taking polypropylene as an example, it is widely used in decoration and decoration. Its raw material price is 8000 ~ 10000 yuan per ton, while the price of flame retardant is usually about 20000 yuan per ton. According to the regulations, the proportion of flame retardant should reach 10% ~ 15%. In other words, if flame retardant is added, the cost per ton of polypropylene will increase by 2000 ~ 3000 yuan."

wangjiyun, general manager of Shanghai Shanyou import and Export Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the use of flame retardants is of great significance to China's overall environmental protection situation from the perspective of saving lives. "But I was very disappointed after I learned about the market situation. A while ago, I visited some manufacturers in the Yangtze River Delta, many of which were manufacturers of building materials. When I introduced flame retardants to them, they generally felt unfamiliar and did not feel compelled to add flame retardants. Or some enterprises knew about this but felt that it was not necessary to add flame retardants. Enterprises often said: users do not need my flame retardants, why should I add flame retardants What about the downward continuation of the spot of the imported ore port on the 10th? If I take the initiative to fire retardant, the cost will increase and the market competitiveness will be weakened. "

according to insiders, there are very few flame retardant products used in public places in China. In some public places, fire-retardant products are not used unless the fire department inspects them; If you come for inspection, put some flame retardant products temporarily. In order to innovate and develop products with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), high flame retardancy and high comfort, many entertainment public places are paid to the fire department for inspection. They often spray flame retardant chemicals on the walls temporarily before inspection, but the walls will soon lose their flame retardancy. In addition, in public places, in order to cope with the inspection, fabrics such as curtains and carpets are soaked in flame retardant and hung out. Once they are washed, they will no longer be flame retardant. "There are too many cases where a certain contribution has been made to ensure the reliability of the car while developing various products." An expert said bitterly

professor wangyuzhong, director of the Provincial Key Laboratory of degradation and flame retardant polymer materials of Sichuan University, said: "many enterprises come to me for advice in order to cope with the inspection, hoping to dispose of their products, spray some things, and deal with the inspection. After the inspection, it doesn't matter. I can't do this for them."

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