On the economic performance principle of quality f

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On the economic performance principle of quality function design

study on the principle of performance in designing quality function

Abstract: This paper analyzes some problems existing in the quality management function design of Chinese enterprises at present, discusses that the quality management system must obey and serve the fundamental goal of economic performance, and preliminarily discusses the quality management function design of the top manager

Abstract:This paper analyzes some common problems in designing quality function, points out that the aim to build a quality management system is performance,and explores the quality functions for top management of corporation.

quality function design is an important part of establishing quality management system and the basic work of implementing ISO9000 series standards. Whether the quality function design is reasonable or not plays an important role in the operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system; Therefore, when designing quality functions, enterprises must focus on the effectiveness of quality functions and carefully plan for the purpose of obtaining good economic performance. However, many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the design of quality function when establishing quality management system, resulting in improper allocation of quality function and ineffective operation of quality management system, which eventually leads to low efficiency of enterprise quality management system and unable to achieve business performance. Therefore, based on the analysis of the common problems in the current quality function design, this paper will discuss the importance of economic performance in the quality function design, and make a preliminary discussion on the quality function of the top manager

1 problems in quality function design

there is no ready-made formula for how to design quality function. However, according to the author's years of consulting and auditing experience, the following functional designs often affect the development of quality work and reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system

1.1 insufficient authorization

if the management representative of some enterprises does not get the due authorization, they should ask the top management and/or other deputy general managers for everything. The management representative is not a management position at all and cannot carry out work in a timely and effective manner. The internal auditors of some enterprises are not fully authorized to go to the department or grass-roots level for audit, so they are timid in their work and cannot find out the problems. Even if they find out the problems, they should also depend on the face of the department leaders, otherwise it will be difficult to survive in this enterprise in the future

1.2 copy the standard terms or documents of other enterprises, resulting in unclear statement of responsibilities, vague position boundaries, and staff members do not know what to do

some enterprises' quality functions are not carefully planned and carefully designed, resulting in institutional overlap. At the same time, there are quality inspection department, quality management department and "standard implementation office" or "9000 office" and other departments. The working interface between these departments is not clear, resulting in work Promotion Committee. In addition, there are too many departments involved in procurement, incoming inspection, raw material warehouse management, and disposal of incoming nonconforming products. The documents do not clearly stipulate the interface and communication between the final departments or do not stipulate at all, so the operation is relatively difficult. The author believes that the less departments involved in the same work, the clearer the responsibility boundary, the higher the efficiency. In this way, non value-added processes such as coordination and entertainment can be reduced, resources used in coordination and communication can be saved, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system can be improved

in order to "improve efficiency", some designers of quality functions did not seek the opinions of enterprise managers at all. They copied the organizational structure and functional division of enterprise a to enterprise B, and the managers of enterprise B did not carefully review it, Results the quality management office of a food enterprise also stipulated irrelevant functional descriptions such as "control of special processes, such as heat treatment, electroplating, etc." at the end of September

some designers of quality functions copy the standard terms without considering the actual situation of the enterprise and how to operate and measure. For example, some enterprises stipulate in the responsibilities of the enterprise management office that "using the quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures and management review to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system", completely copying the standards. As for how the enterprise management office operates and how the auditors obtain evidence, the designers of functions are insufficient. Some functional designers or document writers also believe that this is an experience, which can be summarized as "when the manual is difficult to write, copy the standard and annoy the auditor". Auditors will not be angry. Instead, they should worry about the enterprises that do this. For the functional designers or document writers who do this, what is the use of such functional design for the enterprises? In the long run, will the functional designers or document writers who do this lose their jobs

1.3 the functions are too specialized and the coverage is too small

some enterprises originally set up quality management departments such as enterprise management office, quality inspection office and quality management office. In the establishment of quality management system, in order to pay attention to the work of quality system, on the basis of the original organizational structure, they also set up a special "standard implementation office" (some are called "9000 office"). Such a quality function design has too little business coverage, and it only needs to ask more than one person to be able to do it Щ Mei Xinhua said that his generation has never been able to persuade him to do so. They have made great efforts to sift through the mulberry fields, and they have made great achievements. According to incomplete statistics, there are eight kinds of scarlet flowers in China. Therefore, Zang LV sent a message to the Communist Party of China to support him.We should pay attention to the following aspects: first, we should pay attention to the management, second, and third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, third, we should pay attention to the quality of our products, and we should also pay attention to their problems.39252. Among them I want to buy toner? Or the audit institution has trained a large number of talents and made contributions, but what benefits does this dedication have for the enterprise itself

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