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Talking about the development trend of oval printing machine industry

talents are the most important in the 21st century. This is the beginning of the 21st century, we have heard this sentence tirelessly, but at that time most people did not really pay attention to this sentence. Today, when the era of low-cost development strategy gradually becomes history, traditional garment printing enterprises are also difficult to absorb the burden of high costs. At the beginning of this year, the difficulty of recruiting workers and the reduction of orders aggravated the sense of crisis of traditional printing enterprises. Oval printing machine is an opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of traditional printing enterprises, and the change of labor structure has also brought unprecedented opportunities for oval printing machine manufacturing enterprises, promoting the development of oval printing machine enterprises to fine specialization

for a long time, the oval printing machine has been loved and pursued by the industry because of its characteristics of less labor, high efficiency and fast, stable product quality and so on. In addition, it has the expansibility of stretching freely, and more stations can be added according to the demand; The area and space of the installation plant are flexible and occupy less land; In addition to thermosetting inks, printable adhesives, water slurries, etc., more diversified printing materials; Flexible, one machine dual-use and other unique advantages. With the increasing demand for textile and clothing printing and the faster and faster pace of automation, automatic and semi-automatic printing equipment began to play a huge role in the domestic printing market, thus forming a printing market pattern in which manual and automatic coexist

with the continuous updating and upgrading of the oval printing machine, some articles pointed out that the current oval printing machine has been a problem of several generations. However, in the communication between the author and the person in charge of the equipment manufacturing enterprise, they have said that it is difficult to define the current generation of the oval printing machine, and the enterprise will not care about the generation of the oval printing machine. Generation is just a concept. The clothing printing factory attaches most importance to the simplicity and stability of the oval printing machine in actual operation. For technical issues, many experts in the printing industry and front-line production enterprises have discussed this issue, so I won't repeat it here. I believe that the oval printing machine manufacturers are most concerned about the immediate reflection of the market and the development trend of the industry in the future. According to the communication with the person in charge of the garment printing factory, the author has a few words with you

I: conform to the future market rules recognized by market segmentation

there is no popular demand, only customized orders. This is the current oval printing machine enterprise customer needs, special needs with special design, unchanged is a dead end. With customized orders comes the segmentation of customers. Facing such a market situation, production enterprises must first do a good job in positioning

China's textile and garment printing enterprises are mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized enterprises. The type of orders received by enterprises is relatively single, and the number of orders received is relatively fixed. In recent years, this order receiving feature is particularly obvious. In the communication with the person in charge of textile and garment printing factory, the author learned that some enterprises focus on producing large orders, and some enterprises mainly produce small orders. It is reported that the order receiving feature has become the decisive factor for enterprises to purchase equipment. As the person in charge of a garment factory in Shandong said, the orders of Japan and South Korea are smaller, and those of Europe and the United States are larger. For enterprises with small orders, the use of oval printing machines cannot reduce costs, but may increase production costs

in view of this situation, the customer segmentation of upstream enterprises will become more and more obvious. Oval printing machine enterprises have two choices, one is to move towards specialization, the other is to improve the production line of equipment products and diversify. At present, most domestic printing equipment manufacturers have chosen the second development path

the author believes that the printing equipment manufacturing enterprises in China are relatively small. In the current market uncertainty, the diversified development strategy is a very feasible development idea, and diversification is one of the most effective measures to avoid the risks brought by local markets. However, in the long run, this development strategy undoubtedly requires enterprises to have a perfect capital chain and the ability to resist risks. However, domestic oval printing machine enterprises have also encountered the problems of money contraction and financing difficulties, which will be the biggest challenge faced by enterprises

enterprises that choose the path of professional production will generally be positioned at the high end, hoping to increase sales profits by winning more added value. Specialization puts forward higher technical requirements for enterprises, that is to say, R & D personnel have become the most important factor in the development of enterprises. It is reported that at present, the printing equipment industry lacks skilled workers with high technology, and it is difficult to hire one person with high salary, which is the current situation of the talent market in the printing industry. Cultivating talents has become an insurmountable task for the development of enterprises. Scientifically and systematically absorbing talents and cultivating talents has become the right way for the development of enterprises

with market segmentation comes not only the product segmentation of enterprises, but also the drastic reform of enterprise management system and structure. No matter which development strategy the oval printing machine enterprises choose, what are the precautions for the selection of hydraulic universal testing machine? Timely adjustment, I believe will be developed

second: don't just sell products but also services.

at the third China brand Festival, Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier, said that the company should make good products at the beginning, but a good product can't make a good brand, and users also need things outside the brand. For Haier, this is especially true for oval printing machine enterprises

the longest time for domestic manufacturers to enter the oval printing machine industry is less than ten years. Although this market has gradually matured, the short history of the domestic industry and the irregular market environment have led to an extremely fierce market competition. This competitive dominance is manifested in imitation and plagiarism and price war. For R & D enterprises, this kind of plagiarism is the deadliest. However, there is no standardized market environment, leaving only the helpless voice of enterprises

in such a market environment, enterprises can no longer capture the hearts of consumers when large industrial manufacturing enterprises such as Hafei and Dong'an make mechanical component models simply by selling products. To really win customers, we need to treat each other sincerely on the basis of integrity and meet the needs of consumers through services. As we all know, domestic textile and garment printing factories are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the employees' education level is relatively low. Most enterprises have not bought oval printing machines for a long time, so they need equipment manufacturers to provide follow-up training. In the communication between the author and the person in charge of textile and garment printing plants, almost all printing plants with purchase intention of oval printing machines regard perfect after-sales service as the main consideration for purchasing oval printing machines

III: the only way to mature the standardized industry

do you know what is the biggest problem faced by international famous brands such as PG, Nike and Microsoft in China? It is not a technical problem, let alone a financial problem, but a long-standing nightmare of intellectual property rights. Once the Chinese market sees what products are easy to do, it will directly enter the market to win short-term profits. Many enterprises have no awareness of establishing brands at all, and have no great ambition of market expansion. The core idea of enterprise development is to make a small fortune

driven by this way of thinking, talent is only a thorny problem for enterprises, not the most important problem. The trend of short-term interests is, of course, dominated by money. It's no wonder that Chinese people plagiarize and infringe, and even rationalize this behavior. They have come to Shen to legalize it since 2013, which leads to the concept of high imitation and Shanzhai

feeling marketing is the characteristic of Chinese marketing enterprises. Many products begin to be completely copied when they feel the right way, which reflects the commanding height of aluminum materials and equipment today, leading to many Chinese enterprises fleeting like meteors. With the entry of foreign brands of similar products, garment printing plants that pursue perfect quality and efficient production and have a certain amount of funds have begun to purchase foreign famous brands of oval printing machines. Seeing this development trend, domestic printing equipment manufacturers or people in related industries have begun to test the oval printing machine industry, and imitation and plagiarism have become one of the indispensable means

in recent years, with the sharp rise in labor costs, coupled with the new generation of migrant workers who are willing to dabble in novelty, garment printing factory recruitment has become a common industry problem. In this context, the early domestic oval printing machine manufacturers tasted the sweetness. Seeing this situation, more and more enterprises have joined the oval printing machine market. In the early stage, these enterprises also made profits. After all, many domestic garment printing factories are small and medium-sized enterprises, and the capital constraints made them choose cheaper equipment. However, after the Asian financial crisis in 2008, the closure of many garment printing plants restricted the development of oval printing machine manufacturers. After the first reshuffle, the market that experienced a reshuffle did not improve. Many printing equipment manufacturers have joined the oval printing machine industry in succession, and the industrial chain from research and development to sales is mixed with chaotic elements, The most obvious manifestation of the terminal market is that the price war began to ferment and began to play a certain role

just as the development of every industry has to go through a price war, the development of oval printing machine cannot overstep this stage. If the market becomes mature, the establishment of market norms is particularly important. The labor shortage at the beginning of this year deepened the sense of crisis of oval printing machine manufacturers, and many enterprises realized that the establishment of market norms was particularly important. The author hopes that relevant associations can only pay attention to this problem, take the lead in formulating reasonable equipment grades and pricing norms, avoid vicious competition in the market, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry

4: machine is not omnipotent and unbearable automation

there was a paradox about whether God can create a stone that he can't move. This sentence was used to prove that God is not omnipotent. If God is not omnipotent, is there anything omnipotent? Especially in today's soaring labor costs. We always fantasize about the power of machines, and the degree of hope that machines can replace people is also deepening. However, can machines completely replace people? The chess game between supercomputer dark blue and people seemed to give the answer. However, considering that dark blue is just a product of artificial intelligence, the conclusion is that it is impossible for machines to completely replace people

in the future, more and more textile and garment printing factories will choose to use equipment instead of labor. In the communication between the author and the person in charge of the garment printing factory, most people said that equipment is a direction of future development, especially now many textile and garment factories place orders for the printing factory on the premise of whether there is printing equipment

it is the general trend that equipment replaces people, but the degree of equipment participating in production is a problem worthy of discussion. What I have to mention here is the automation and semi automation of the equipment. At present, there are many domestic enterprises that flaunt automatic oval printing machines, but the person in charge of well-known enterprises in the industry said that there is no real automatic oval printing machine in the world. On the one hand, full automation comes from the pressure of research and development, on the other hand, the price of full automation has a negative impact on China

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