On the development trend of label industry

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Talking about the development trend of label industry

the development of packaging industry provides great demand for label production, and more and more enterprises enter the label industry. In the self-adhesive label printing industry, there are signs of overheating, following the development trend of engineering plastics to be lighter, demetallized and high temperature resistant. In fact, there are too many manufacturers involved in the self-adhesive printing industry, and their production and processing capacity is too large. Although the market space is large, it is only a potential space, which cannot be greatly expanded due to the constraints of various factors

judging from the market reaction, the increase in label usage is obvious. By 2006, the global label consumption increased by 6. 2%, which will increase to 33 billion M2 compared with 2.04 billion m2 in 2OO1. The label market under development will grow at a double-digit rate. The growth rate of the developed market is 3 ~ 5%, but the growth rate is uneven. Among them, China has an annual growth rate of 15%, Eastern Europe has an annual growth rate of 12%, Latin America has an annual growth rate of 10%, and Europe and Japan have a growth rate of 3% - 5%

since low-quality labels cannot meet the decoration needs of containers such as plastic bottles, film labels will grow rapidly in the past 10 years; The paper labels used on bottles and cans will gradually decrease, and the labels in the mold will increase moderately; The application of light-weight glass bottles continues to increase the amount of shrink film labels; The consumption of PET bottle plastic labels will increase rapidly; The value-added and applicability of self-adhesive labels for glass and plastic containers will be further expanded; The rapid increase of printing equipment for variable information (such as text and bar with built-in report manager code, data, batch, price and weight, etc.) will promote the development of variable residence labels; RFID (radio frequency identification) tags will grow at a rate of 10 ~ 12% per year

on the other hand, the domestic label market shows a polarized development trend. The products processed by the United States and Japan in China have high requirements for labels, and some require UL certification in the United States, which puts forward higher requirements for high-end labels. Some international famous brands such as P & G have higher requirements for labels. In China, some well-known brands even require more labels than Taiwan and Japan. While ordinary labels are low-grade and cheap. Wenzhou Cangnan and Longgang are the production bases of such labels, and their products are concentrated in paper labels, electronic labels, advertising printing labels, etc. In order to ensure the sensitivity of some labels, such as beer labels, the demand for beer labels is naturally large due to the large sales in summer, which also drives the development of low-end labels

in general, the domestic label printing industry is currently polishing and gradually maturing, and label printing products are changing from medium and low-grade to medium and high-grade. With the development of market economy, the improvement of printing level and product quality, and the continuous expansion of application fields, China's self-adhesive label printing has a huge market development space. The domestic self-adhesive label printing market will maintain a rapid growth momentum for a long time

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