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Talking about the development trend of foreign flexible packaging industry

I. news about Alcan Packaging in Canada

at the end of last year, Alcan Packaging Group successfully acquired the factory of global Pechiney again

Alcan group has more than 300 production plants in 63 countries around the world, becoming the world's largest flexible packaging enterprise

the industries that need flexible packaging mainly include: pharmaceutical packaging, medical device packaging, food and beverage packaging, personal hygiene products, tobacco products packaging, industrial supplies packaging, etc

II. The development trend of foreign flexible packaging industry

1. Flexible packaging enterprises appear to be reorganized, and the combination of strong and strong will reflect the following characteristics in the coming period of time:

· Dading one-way powerful large enterprises, centralized

· only the enterprise groups that do the best can survive in the market and obtain sustainable development

2. Technological progress is the foundation of enterprise progress

(1) the profits from the opportunity market are far greater than those from the competitive market

opportunity markets need to be explored and created, and enterprises need to have strong technical capabilities

· information and R & D capability

· modern management mode

· support of suppliers, establishment of strategic alliances and coexistence of long-term interests

· adaptability of equipment

(2) the level of processing greatly affects the competitiveness of enterprises

(3) personalized market puts forward higher requirements for enterprises' technical ability

(4) whether the enterprise has core competitiveness determines the future of the enterprise. And the possession of core competitiveness depends on the comprehensive strength of enterprises

(5) enterprises with advantageous human resources and fast learning speed of lithium battery production and utilization profile will take the lead in the market

· concept of global market

· export products account for a larger proportion in enterprises

· technical barriers to export products

technical barriers to export products are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

residue control of chemical substances/products to be used: rubber, plastics, films, medium strength metals, sintered products, friction materials, fibers and thin wires, adhesives, foam materials, tapes, elastomers, connectors Biomaterials, wood products and paper products, metal foil, metal wire, oil bearing, ceramics, parts, fasteners, composite materials, etc. develop this year's new models to a higher level. The materials forbidden to be used in the country/adaptability to packaging machinery/physical and chemical indicators of packaging/market characteristics and consumption habits of the country where they are located/recycling and utilization of packaging waste all reflect the technical strength of enterprises

· customers in Europe and the United States are more inclined to purchase from flexible packaging production enterprises with international backgrounds in order to get greater protection

3. The packaging speed of packaging equipment is improved

(1) the overall cost concept of multinational customers

(2) Bring greater challenges to packaging materials

· tolerance control of cursor length

· maintenance of barrier performance

· performance requirements of sealing materials

· friction coefficient and speed - COF at room temperature and hot state

· sealing temperature and heat sealing temperature range

· sealing strength under hot state

do you know the role of pulse fatigue testing machine· Anti pollution ability

· various forms of sealing layer materials

III. Development Trend of foreign flexible packaging printing

gravure printing and flexo printing will coexist

· use of electronic axis in two printing equipment

· improvement of printing machine design, Shorten the set up time

· establish the total cost concept

· reduce the printing volume of a single order

· not only the improvement of printing speed, but also the speed of replacement has become more important

Fourth, about the development of composite processes

the trend is to pay more attention to environmental protection, and environmental protection composite methods are widely used

· solvent Ftee lamlnation

· extrusion or co extrusion lamination

· the widespread use of coextrusion lamination, coupled with the continuous emergence of special resins, the use of coextrusion is becoming more and more common

· wet lamination

· dry/wet lamination

· the selection of solvent type dry lamination glue

considering the impact of residual monomers on health, More and more customers require the use of ester compounds adhesive, the control of solvent residue value, the control of production site, and the use of water-soluble glue. In order to reduce the influence of human and external factors, such as closed coating unit, automatic glue dispensing system, accurate and subdivided small glue quantity control, environmental temperature and humidity control are adopted

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