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On the difficult transformation road of the traditional professional publishing house Zhonghua Book Company

today's publishing industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, making the two contact surfaces from the initial face-to-face contact to point contact. After the Sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the cultural industry will develop at a high speed in the next decade. China's sustained economic development, the magnificent process of urbanization, the purchasing power of cultural products will also grow at a high speed. At the same time, Chinese people pay more and more attention to their own cultural traditions, which are opportunities for Zhonghua Book Company. At the same time, the challenges we face are also enormous: the publishing industry is small in scale and relatively low in development level among various industries of the national economy, and it is not a fully developed and fully competitive industry; The domestic market is segmented and the vassal states are divided, and a unified, unimpeded and complete domestic market has not yet been formed; Many publishing enterprises with an increase of US $0.25 per kilogram have just changed their systems, and their systems and mechanisms are relatively backward. They have not formed a complete market body, and it is difficult to gather capital and talents; The tide of digital publishing is surging, and IT enterprises, technology providers and network operators are strongly involved; The continuous infiltration of international publishing has created great pressure

opportunities and challenges can be transformed into each other. Zhonghua Book Company is a traditional and professional ancient book publishing house, which is based on two factors: first, the brand of Zhonghua Book Company, which is highly recognized in China and Southeast Asia; The second is the core competitiveness of Zhonghua Book Company, that is, the ability to process and sort out ancient classics. The transformation of Zhonghua Book Company is very difficult, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, the transformation from a professional ancient book publishing house to a modern cultural enterprise. The main thing is to reform the system and mechanism, so that Zhonghua Book Company can become a qualified market subject. In China, it can also carry out high-precision measurement of parameters such as load, deformation, displacement and other parameters outside the market competition, which is the basis for subsequent development. In previous years, many venture capitalists came to talk about cooperation with Zhonghua Book Company and learned about our system. The other party thought that their funds could not be fully guaranteed and gave up cooperation. Therefore, if the system and mechanism are relatively backward, it is difficult to gather funds and attract talents

second, from the service professional scholar market to the mass publishing market, that is, to adjust the product structure. The core of Zhonghua Book Company is to publish traditional cultural books. In recent years, based on the dissemination of the traditional classic texts of Zhonghua Book Company to the public, there are some improvements at present, but it is only a beginning. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Zhonghua Book Company will promote traditional cultural books to the educational market, because teenagers' demand for Sinology books is still quite large. In addition, we will also focus on some segmented markets, such as the party and government reading market, export-oriented books and so on

third, from a single paper publishing to all media publishing. How to view the relationship between paper publishing and digital publishing? The transformation of the communication mode of networking, informatization and digitalization is the general trend, and paper books also have irreplaceable advantages. Both have their own advantages. Personally, I never believe that paper books will die out. I once said something tragic. If paper books really die out someday, I hope Zhonghua Book Company will be the last one to fall. I believe this scene will not happen. There is still a huge market for traditional paper publishing. Our job is to meet the diversified needs of consumer groups with various contents and forms. The demand for paper books will continue to increase at least during the 12th Five Year Plan period, longer than that in the field of wind energy. For example, the online book reading market continues to expand its scale. The online book products launched by Zhonghua Book Company have been pursued by a large number of readers. They have collection value, and the pricing system is different from market books

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Zhonghua Book Company plans to do two digital publishing projects. The first is to use the traditional classic texts accumulated by Zhonghua Book Company for many years to establish a network service platform for traditional classics. The second is to establish an all media publishing platform for Sinology research, which can not only sell paper books, but also download electronic versions, online versions, on-demand printing and other forms. These two projects are what Zhonghua Book company wants to start and strive to complete. Zhonghua Book Company is not a terminal. The core of the transformation lies in its own intellectual property rights. For a publishing house, copyright is the source of life, and Zhonghua Book Company also focuses on its own intellectual property rights

Zhonghua Book Company was born on January 1st, 1912. In a few days, Zhonghua Book Company will celebrate its centenary birthday. Our slogan is "start again in a hundred years". The transformation of Zhonghua Book Company is under way, and every work is moving forward step by step. The reform is gradual. Like our body, there are many problems and obstacles that have not been solved, but we can't wait to cure all the diseases before moving forward. The problems should be solved in the process of development. After making our body strong, we should eliminate the focus. Therefore, although this road is difficult, we will not turn back, there is no way back, only to move forward

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