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The economic attribute of packaging design (Part 1)

there are various definitions of design at home and abroad, but fundamentally speaking, it is a concept that works for tomorrow and is closely related to the economy that maintains social development and progress. We can even say: design attribute 1 The reason why the jaw is not properly clamped is mainly due to the economy. The economic attribute is the first, and the artistic attribute is the second. Packaging design, as a branch of design category, its personality is prominently reflected in the economic attribute. Because of this, a comprehensive understanding of its economic attributes is not only helpful to deepen the understanding of the essential significance of design, but also of great significance to accurately grasp the process of packaging design and its application effect in social and economic life

as we all know, the purpose of packaging design is to help packaged goods realize two major functions - natural function and social function. Designers should explore the laws and methods of the optimal combination of the two. Among the two major functions of packaging design, natural function mainly refers to providing guarantees and various conveniences for containing, protecting, storing, transporting, selling and consuming products, and bringing material benefits to the society, while social function refers to that packaging meets people's psychological needs, promotes commodity sales, beautifies the living environment, and brings spiritual benefits to the society. According to today's brief statement, the optimal combination of the two is the wrapper 1. There will also be friction between the guide wheel and the pillar in line with the principle of "science, applicability, beauty and economy". Although the packaging design carries the above two functions. 3. Unit switching: kg, LB, N, kn, it is required to reflect the principles of science, applicability, aesthetics and economy. Output is not recognized as a natural function or a social function. Whether it is a scientific principle, or the principle of applicability and aesthetics, it is based on the economic principle, which is affected and restricted by the economic principle, and is based on the economic principle. Because in the process that human society has not yet developed to the super economic stage, according to the principles of economics, there is always a contradiction between input and output in human production activities, that is, they always try to obtain as much output as possible with as little input as possible. In the final analysis, the best value of human economic activities is that people want to achieve the optimal extreme value between input and return. This situation is not only reflected in the capital investment that affects the overall plan of packaging design, but also depends on the potential market owned by the value of packaged goods; It is not only reflected in the technology and production links required by the packaging design scheme, but also depends on the social public's consumption psychology and consumption ability of the packaged goods, and even reflected in the recycling of waste after the use of packaging

first, in terms of the capital investment that affects the overall scheme of packaging design, it not only determines the whole design idea and the positioning of the design, but also affects the design results

we know that capital is the value form of fixed assets and working capital invested in the production and business activities of enterprises, which is interlinked with the concepts of assets and funds. The revelation of classical theories and the reality of social development fully show that capital is the most active factor in commodity economy society. It can be invested in production and trade activities, and can also be operated in the capital market. Whether in production and trade activities, or in the capital market, the ultimate purpose of capital operation is value-added. From the perspective of the whole social development, this value-added should be based on the continuous expansion and increase of commodity production. Among the factors for the expansion of commodity production scale and the increase of output, the packaging design of products is an effective way to increase capital value. However, without the design working environment, technical equipment and materials, packaging design can only remain verbal, and there is less a value-added link

for the vast majority of designers, there is often such a feeling or understanding that among the many factors that determine the form of packaging design, the designer's personal level of color fixation is very important, but for a high-level designer, capital plays a vital role in whether his design ability and level can be normally played and displayed. For the time being, whether the design fee is high or low will stimulate the designers to play a role between the levels. As far as the restrictions of user capital on designers are concerned, it will restrict the modeling, structure, color, materials, molding process and many other aspects of packaging. For example, for goods of the same quality, for designers, paper, plastic, wood, metal, ceramics or glass can be used as packaging materials. Due to the difference in texture and high value of these materials, they will produce different visual impact. In addition, the difference in the designer's creative level and performance techniques makes the value and added value of the designed packaging itself greatly different. As for the packaging of the same commodity, people can pack it with random simple materials, such as binding and pasting, which only realizes some functions of commodity packaging, and brings little value-added in commodity sales; General designers basically play the function of commodity packaging by choosing and matching materials, which will bring certain added value in commodity sales; Outstanding designers, through the acquisition of various packaging materials, use ingenious and scientific modeling structures and appropriate decoration, will not only fully realize the packaging function, but also greatly increase the value of goods, and its packaging value will even exceed the value of goods themselves

second, from the potential market of the value of packaged goods, design is an important factor to guide consumption and form fashion

in economic activities, only when there are sellers and buyers can exchange become possible. Some goods are in short supply, which has a lot to do with the nature, purpose, quality and price of the goods. However, the first feeling that entices consumers to buy is often not these fundamental things, but the packaging of the products. Because of this, in the field of marketing, some scholars call packaging the fifth P parallel to the 4P combination of marketing. Yes, in marketing practice, enterprises use packaging to dress up tens of thousands of goods in a colorful and charming way. The purpose is to occupy the market as much as possible and make the potential market of goods be explored as much as possible. After careful market research, the marketing personnel of DuPont, the world's largest chemical company, invented the famous DuPont Law: that is, 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging and decoration of goods; Housewives who shop in supermarkets, due to the attraction of exquisite packaging and decoration, often buy more than 45% of the amount they intend to buy when they go out. The lower the crystallinity, the more transparent

as a packaging designer, we should clearly realize that the design of commodity packaging must look at the market, so that commodities can become a consumption fashion through their own design. So, how can we make the design of commodity packaging fully integrate with the market? This essence returns to the theme of this article - economic consciousness

(to be continued)

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