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Talking about the difference between advertising printing photo machine and inkjet printer

photo machine and inkjet printer these manufacturers continue to invest in the production of the next generation of safer hydrofluorocarbon replacement inspection instruments, which are divided into eight categories according to the action object and function. The machines are large-scale inkjet printers. Inkjet printers can be divided into solid inkjet and liquid inkjet according to their working principles. Today's mainstream inkjet printers are liquid inkjet printers

liquid inkjet can be divided into bubble type and liquid piezoelectric type. Bubble technology is to heat the nozzle to make the ink produce bubbles and spray them on the printing medium. Ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperature, and its properties are unstable, so the authenticity of the color will be affected to a certain extent; On the other hand, because the ink is ejected through bubbles, the directivity and volume of ink particles are not easy to grasp, and the edges of print lines are easy to be uneven, which affects the print quality to a certain extent. Piezoelectric inkjet technology, ink is ejected by a nozzle similar to thermal inkjet technology, but the formation of ink droplets is formed by reducing the area of ink ejected. The reduction of the ejection area is controlled by applying voltage to one or more piezoelectric plates in the ejection area

because the micro piezoelectric print head technology uses the characteristics of discharge when the crystal is pressurized, the ink can be ejected stably at room temperature. It has the characteristics of strong ability to control ink drops, easy to achieve high-precision printing quality of 1440dpi, and micro piezoelectric inkjet does not need to be heated, so the ink will not undergo chemical changes due to heating, so the requirements for ink are greatly reduced

both photo machines and inkjet machines are used for advertising printing, but there are differences in some places

1. Format: the format of inkjet printer is large, usually 3.2 meters; Photo machines are small in size, usually 1.52 meters

2. Different working environments: the external spray painting machine is mainly used for large outdoor wall advertisements and signboards. It has the advantage of strong weather resistance, that is, it can be waterproof and sunlight proof, and will not fade and change color when placed outdoors for a long time. The disadvantage is the poor quality of inkjet; The photo machine is mainly used for indoor stickers, display boards, posters, making best use of best materials, newspapers, rules and regulations, and other indoor spray painting products. The spray painting quality is relatively high

3. Ink: due to the different placement environment of the spray painting products, the ink used by the spray painting machine and the photo machine is different. The ink of inkjet printer is solvent ink, which has a strong pungent smell, is waterproof and shiny, and will not change color after long-term storage. The photo machine uses water-based ink. It has no taste, is not waterproof, and needs to be covered with film

4. Output medium: the output medium of inkjet printer is usually the medium with PVC material on the surface of inkjet cloth and taxi stickers. The output medium of the photo machine is photo paper, back glue, PP, spray drawing, etc

5. Resolution: the resolution of spray painting is not very high because it is hung high. For indoor use, high resolution is required. Very clear

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