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The two hidden rules of brand sustainable development

brand is not only created by people, but also maintained by people, and ultimately serves people. Brand orientation

although many brands are like meteors, which have been booming for a year or two and gradually disappeared, many brands have survived firmly and happily, making a lot of money every year. Although the reasons are complex and can not be explained in one sentence or two, the brand must abide by the following two hidden rules in order to achieve sustainable development

unspoken rule 1: before brand positioning, "orientation"

to successfully shape a brand, we must carry out correct brand positioning, which is well known. However, before brand positioning, in addition to market research and internal research, what else do we need to do? Orientation, that is, to determine the development direction of the brand, mainly including the development direction of entrepreneur brand, enterprise brand and product brand

obviously, orientation affects the development direction of a brand throughout its life, especially small and medium-sized original suppliers, and determines the positioning of a brand. On the contrary, if an enterprise does not grasp the direction of a brand, or does not have a clear direction, the brand will be "confused" in the development process, and even the positioning of "changing day and night", that is, it is difficult for enterprises to find the correct brand positioning. Therefore, only by first determining the correct brand direction, can we find the position of the brand and position the brand appropriately

in fact, many people have considered the brand direction when positioning the brand, but they do not pay enough attention to the brand direction. We should not only take brand orientation as a procedure before brand positioning, but also take brand orientation as a key to brand building. For example, when serving the Southern Song Dynasty Royal Wine, yuanzhuo brand planning agency also determined its brand direction of "Chinese and royal", and then determined its corresponding brand positioning and systematic three-dimensional brand communication strategy. For another example, if Ningxia red and other medlar wine can correctly determine the brand direction, find the corresponding culture, the corresponding drinking mode and environment, the corresponding mood and emotion and foundation when drinking, and finally find the correct target consumer group how to choose the electronic tensile machine with high practicality and good compatibility with PVC resin, its development will be more smooth

however, brand orientation is not unique. It only determines the direction of brand survival and development. Therefore, it is very likely that the orientation of the two brands is the same. Of course, the consistency of brand orientation has laid the direction foundation for the in-depth cooperation between different brands, which is also worthy of serious consideration when seeking brand cooperation. Moreover, the brand orientation cannot be changed at will. Once it is determined, it must be adhered to for a long time. Otherwise, the whole body will be affected by one hair, and the brand will suffer severe pain and great losses, and even never recover

hidden rule 2: brands should continue to innovate to avoid consumers' "empathy and love"

consumers will have different desires in different stages and different environments, "Lin Ke said. In addition to the development and changes of the brand itself, it is difficult for a brand to always meet the desires of a consumer, so consumers will" empathy and love ". This is difficult to avoid. Therefore, many brands attach importance to innovation, hoping to retain consumers and improve brand loyalty through innovation

in other words, consumers will be your eternal "confidant" only when they have no choice forever. Therefore, if you want to make consumers the "confidant" of the brand, you must keep working hard and always do better than your competitors. Only in this way can a brand get a certain number of "confidants". Otherwise, once competitors do better, consumers will inevitably gradually leave and make love with competitive brands. For example, some consumers have bought Maotai liquor before and have a good impression of it, so they want to buy it again as a gift. However, when he passed the counter of Wuliangye, he found that the new packaging of Wuliangye was more upscale, and finally decided to buy Wuliangye. Many consumers are like this. We must recognize this

therefore, a brand cannot be expected to be suitable for all consumers, nor can it be divorced from the actual expectation of how high brand loyalty consumers can have. It can only make reasonable and effective market segmentation, target those "like-minded" consumers, highlight its own brand personality, and never stop innovation, innovation, and re innovation, so that it will always have enough strength and charm to attract consumers. For example, if a leading enterprise and strong brand such as Wuliangye wants to go beyond the mature market period, it is also necessary to re integrate resources and constantly innovate in order to replace the "loyalty" of those who cancel fees. (end)

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