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China has the largest cigarette market in the world. Therefore, in order to share the market share as much as possible, the major domestic cigarette factories have shown their magic powers and constantly pushed through the old to bring forth the new, making China's cigarette packaging an unprecedented prosperity

after China's accession to the WTO, although foreign cigarettes will not be enough to change China's existing cigarette pattern in three to five years, these years are exactly an important stage for the reshuffle of China's cigarette market and the redistribution of industry. At the same time, high-quality packaging plays a vital role in improving the added value of Chinese cigarette products, enhancing product competitiveness and opening up the international market. Therefore, China 1. Color collection customization and material development: according to the manufacturer's requirements for product mechanical properties, color collection and texture, cigarette manufacturers need to understand the latest trends in the development of cigarette packaging at home and abroad, understand the internationally popular cigarette packaging design concepts, understand the latest technology, technology, equipment of cigarette packaging at home and abroad, and the information of safe and environmentally friendly raw and auxiliary materials that meet international standards, Inject the latest technology at home and abroad into all links of cigarette packaging production in China to ensure that Chinese cigarettes have market competitiveness

Speaking of the development of cigarette packaging in China, I think it will have the following development trends in the future:

first, cigarette packaging materials will pay more attention to environmental protection

in today's popular trend of international packaging, the need for "environmental protection" is even more important. The production and application of "environmental protection" products will be the focus of the development of China's cigarette industry and cigarette packaging industry in the next few years, and it is also a "green pass" for Chinese cigarette enterprises to move towards the international market, although there are many disputes and objections

II. Use sheet fed gravure printing machine

sheet fed gravure printing machines will be more used in cigarette packaging in China in the future. Because it is the most stable printing method, it will become the new favorite of cigarette packaging printing with its printing functions, such as embossing, glazing and UV decorative ink, which are most different from other printing processes

III. the anti-counterfeiting technology of cigarette packaging in China will continue to improve

compared with the anti-counterfeiting technology used in general products, cigarette packaging has higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology. I expect that three-dimensional holographic technology and two-dimensional printing technology will be completely combined to realize the overall design of some key properties of Chinese cigarette bags beyond packaging and printing

IV. the appearance and design of cigarette packaging will be more novel, practical and personalized

innovative and personalized cigarette packaging design will have a broader market in China. For example, increase the reverse printing, that is, print the trademark or explanatory text inside the cigarette box; Adopt curve design at the opening of cigarette box; About 53% of the components of the wing, tail and most fuselages of the package with buttons at the seal are made of composite materials

in addition, with the continuous improvement of the call for banning smoking in recent years, especially the banning of smoking in public places and the smoke-free of families, the space for smokers to smoke has become smaller and smaller. It is expected that the unit packaging volume of cigarettes in China will tend to be smaller in the future

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