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On the development trend of steel drum packaging industry (IV)

development trend of steel drum industry structure

trend 1: the domestic steel drum industry will develop from small-scale production to large-scale base production. The boundary between the barrel making industry and the can making industry will be more unclear. Mutual leakage and reference make the two industries melt into one

China's barrel making industry is mostly small enterprises scattered around the country, with poor competitiveness. It is also difficult to have a big development. Such an industry structure is extremely incompatible with the growing market economies of scale. In order to increase the competitiveness of enterprises and make them develop rapidly in all aspects of technology and economy, we must develop from small-scale production to large-scale base production. At present, there have been many strong enterprises in China, and the large-scale base production will also be formed. These gradually formed large-scale base production enterprises, many of which are enterprises with many products, have long broken the single product structure. There are not only steel barrel products, but also can making products. Metal containers have formed a series from small to large. This form of product structure not only increases the competitiveness of enterprises, but also forms a trend of integration of barrel making and can making. Therefore, some enterprises not only joined the barrel making branch, but also joined the can making branch, because it is difficult for anyone to tell whether some products are barrels or cans. This trend is actually formed by the development of the industry, which is a relatively advanced penetration and reference. Finally, the integration of the two industries will be inevitable

trend 2: the development of domestic steel barrel industry will gradually meet the needs of economic development at home and abroad

although many barrel making enterprises always say that the market is too small at present, in fact, most enterprises are producing traditional 200 liter closed end steel barrels, and the domestic market satisfaction rate of some other types of steel barrels is still low. For example, internally coated barrels, reduced diameter barrels, fully opened barrels, conical barrels, etc. because the production of such barrels is more troublesome, many enterprises are unwilling or unable to carry out large-scale technological transformation, resulting in the overproduction of 200 liter closed steel barrels and the shortage of other types of steel barrels in the market. Because they can't meet the market demand, most users have to give up the original reasonable packaging requirements and use ordinary types of steel drums for packaging. As a result, not only the development of the steel drum industry, but also the development of other packaged products has been restrained, making our steel drum packaging industry extremely incompatible with the development of domestic and world economies. The market is prosperous

at present, the deep processing technology of the whole industry is weak, the technical content of products is low, and a large number of products compete maliciously at low-grade and cost equivalent prices. With the industrial upgrading of related industries, on the one hand, a large number of medium and low-grade steel drum packaging products have excess production capacity, on the other hand, all kinds of special and high-grade steel drum packaging products required for the upgrading of related industries can not meet the requirements. With the adjustment of domestic industrial structure, this situation will gradually improve, and finally the development of the barrel industry will adapt to the economic development at home and abroad

trend 3: compared with foreign countries, the gap between the technical level of domestic steel barrel products will be smaller and smaller

at present, most domestic steel barrel enterprises still use relatively backward production processes to produce steel barrels. The more advanced production processes are limited to small steel barrel products, while the main product of steel barrels - 200 liter steel barrels, has not been greatly improved in China for many years. Only a small amount of imported technology is only a single sequence process, which cannot constitute a comprehensive process progress. The existing technological methods in China have long been eliminated in the world. The restriction of production technology has become the key to restrict the upgrading of steel barrel packaging product structure. The standardization of domestic steel barrel technology is also relatively backward, which has long been unable to meet the requirements of international and domestic development, and has also become an obstacle to the development of steel barrel industry. Therefore, it is urgent to speed up the structural adjustment of products in the steel barrel industry from the export of oil spills. With the continuous exchange and introduction of foreign technology, this gap will become smaller and smaller

trend 4: alternative products of steel drums will continue to occupy the steel drum market

since the 1980s in developed countries, steel drum alternative packaging containers with mold cores, fiber drums, foldable containers, medium-sized bulk containers (i.e. 1000 liter steel containers) in front of the core seats of plastic drums and plastic buckets have been introduced one after another, and have replaced about 2% of the steel drum market. At present, there is a trend of further development. These alternative packages have their unique functions and advantages. For example, plastic containers have also appeared in China in recent years, with capacities of 500 and 800 liters. They are transported on pallets, which can be reused, and the transportation and packaging costs are very low. In China, 200 liter plastic barrels are also developing rapidly. In the near future, the market share of steel barrels may shrink again

trend 5: the technical equipment level of domestic steel barrel industry needs to be improved, and it will be greatly improved in the next decade

there are quite a number of domestic enterprises, especially the old barrel making enterprises, whose technology and equipment are still stagnant at the level of the 1970s and 1980s. In the whole industry, the domestic production equipment of the general level and below still accounts for nearly 60%. Compared with international advanced technology and equipment, the gap between China and other countries is even greater. This is certainly unrealistic for the leading product of 200 liter steel barrels. There are only a few fully automatic production lines in the country. Low production efficiency and poor product quality have become a common phenomenon. Foreign automatic production lines can produce 500 steel barrels per minute, while we can only produce 3 ~ 6 steel barrels per minute, and the fastest is no more than 10. This shows how backward its technical equipment is! In terms of small steel barrel production, domestic technology and equipment have developed rapidly in recent years, and the full-automatic production line has exceeded 60%. Compared with foreign countries, the gap in production efficiency and technology is relatively small. In the next decade, the level of domestic technology and equipment will have greater development, which is also imperative

Trend 6: the key to the development of China's steel barrel industry in the new century is to change ideas and rapidly improve the overall level of the steel barrel industry

at present, structural contradictions are still prominent problems that restrict the development of the steel barrel industry and improve economic benefits. Imperfect market mechanism, lack of macro-control means and low-level repeated construction are the main factors affecting the optimization of the steel barrel structure. Of course, there are also problems of weak market concept. Therefore, accelerating the technological transformation of steel drum industry, increasing the intensity of structural adjustment, actively cultivating competitive advantages, changing ideas, and rapidly improving the overall level and overall benefits of steel drum industry are the main tasks at present and in the future, and they are also the key to the development of steel drum packaging industry in the new century. (by Yang Wenliang and Xin qiaojuan)

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