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Sany Anren Industrial Park: several production lines will be put into operation in succession

Sany Anren Industrial Park: several production lines will be put into operation in succession

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Sany Anren Industrial Park is a demonstration park mainly built by SANY group, a world top 500 enterprise, integrating intelligent manufacturing of high-end equipment parts, building industrialization and prefabricated green building demonstration area; The industrial park covers an area of 413 mu, with a planned construction area of 200000 square meters and a total investment of 2.25 billion yuan. Anren County has established a strong promotion mechanism for the project around the demand of the Sany project, listed the schedule, issued a task list, identified the people, put all the work forward, and quickly and orderly promote the project construction

in the Sany Anren Industrial Park, the towering tower crane operates in an orderly manner, and the crane, transport vehicle, mixer and then the processor handle the signal. The roar of the processor is heard all the time. Welding machines, air compressors, fans, grinding machines, etc. are running at high speed. More than 100 staff members of the seven engineering teams are working hard at their respective posts, and equipment installation, plant leveling, internal decoration and other work are in full swing, The construction is in full swing

it is understood that the first phase of the Anren Industrial Park project of Sany group has a construction area of 50000 square meters and a total investment of 200million yuan. Since the construction started in March last year, with the efforts of all parties involved in the construction at all costs, regardless of conditions, overcoming difficulties and working day and night, the basic project of the park is nearing the end, and the overall project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Up to now, 413 mu of land has been acquired, 21 houses have been demolished, more than 2 million cubic meters of earth and stone have been pushed, nearly 5 kilometers of roads have been built, and more than 3000 meters of walls have been built. The water, electricity and communication networks in the park are unblocked, and the project construction application procedures are promoted in an orderly manner; With an additional investment of 180million yuan, 20000 square meters of standard plant construction has been completed, with a progress of 90%, 22000 square meters of storage yard construction has been completed, with a progress of 100%, and 3000 square meters of main works of auxiliary buildings have been completed. Now, water, electricity, fire control, air conditioning and other decoration projects are under way, and 60% of the decoration has been completed

Cheng Weihua, general manager of Hunan Anren Sany Construction Technology Co., Ltd., said: "On the whole, the progress of our project is very smooth. In terms of the implementation of various plans, it is still carried out according to the plan. For example, last year, we counted that in the four months, the sunny time is only 12 days, that is to say, this rainy day still has a great impact on us. During this period, there will be some sunny days occasionally, which is of great help to our promotion speed. At present, everyone has seen it The plant behind me, even in our current state, is also capped, the exterior wall is also being built, and the decoration is gradually completed. "

the industrial park will rely on the advantages of Sany group's innovative development technology, high-end manufacturing capacity, big data platform and other advantages to build a regional center for intelligent manufacturing of equipment parts and building industrialization center. It is understood that the industrialization of building equipped with international advanced electro-hydraulic servo dynamic experimental machine technology will significantly improve the labor productivity of the construction industry, improve the overall quality of the building, reduce costs, and reduce energy and material consumption. It is a major change in the construction mode. This project is a high-tech project that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is vigorously promoting. The park is committed to the production of complete sets of equipment parts and PC components for PC components, achieving industrialized high-end manufacturing, and providing overall solutions for prefabricated buildings, so that self built houses in towns and rural areas are good, fast and cheap

Cheng Weihua, general manager of Hunan Anren Sany Construction Technology Co., Ltd., said: "At present, our plant is divided into three production lines. One is the manufacturing of parts and components to support the construction machinery in Changsha. The second production line is PC components, a production of prefabricated building components. The third production line is LC, a production of building materials. We are gradually building these three production lines. At present, our foundation is almost completed, and the PC production line can be put into production at the end of April, zero." The parts manufacturing production line will be fully put into production in the first half of the year, and the LC production line will be put into production around July. "

at present, the mechanical parts production line has arrived at some equipment, the PC production line equipment has arrived at the scene, and is being installed and debugged, and the ALC production line has arrived at some equipment. With the advancement of foundation construction, the equipment is installed while constructing. It is planned to be put into trial production on July 15 this year, and the installation and debugging of 16 ton heavy forklift truck and three cranes of PC production line have been completed

Cheng Weihua, general manager of Hunan Anren Sany Construction Technology Co., Ltd., said: "If the parts manufacturing production line is officially put into operation, it will be about 100 to 200 million a year, which is very guaranteed. PC components are also 5 a year, and then click to reset an output value of about 10 million. The LC production line is oriented to the whole country. We are the first production line of Sany in Anren. After this production line is put into operation, it will also have an output value of nearly 100 to 200 million a year. At present, for our three production lines, parts manufacturing The production line is in a hurry to put into production, which must be in short supply. The orders for PC components currently in hand, including some local prefabricated construction projects, are waiting for us to produce. The order situation is very good. LC production line, our Sany agents all over the country are promoting this product, and now they are waiting for us to put into production. "

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