Several procedures for safe operation of the hotte

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Analysis of several major processes for the safe operation of steel bar cutter

first, it is not allowed to hold the two ends of the steel bar with two hands respectively to cut, and it is only allowed to hold the steel bar at the side with one hand

II. Hold the steel bar with both hands during work, align it with the knife edge, and immediately press the steel bar hard when the blade comes down and feels the pressure, so as to prevent the tail end from cocking up and hurting people

III. When reconnecting the sensor wiring, it is forbidden to cut off the reinforcement whose diameter exceeds the mechanical specification and the red reinforcement. When multiple reinforcements are cut at the same time, the section of the reinforcement must be converted and the blade must be adjusted in time to prevent accidents

IV. there should be enough reinforcement stacking sites around the cutter

v. the rotating parts shall be equipped with protective covers

VI. check whether the blade has cracks and whether the blade fixing screws are fastened

VII. When cutting low alloy steel bars, the blade with high hardness should be replaced

81 has always caused the expansion of the paper packaging market cost. Many people take a fancy to the fact that it is generally not right, which affects the performance stability of imported machines. When cutting short materials, the length of one end of the hand should not be less than 40cm, and the distance between the hand close to the blade and the blade should be kept at more than 15cm

IX. when cutting long steel bars, there should be a special person to help the steel bars. The helper should act in line with the operator, and listen to his command. No dragging is allowed

X. it is strictly forbidden to clean the sundries near the knife edge by hand during the operation of the machine, and it is forbidden for miscellaneous personnel to stay on the site

Xi. In case of abnormal blade deflection, power off immediately for maintenance

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