Several quality problems that should be paid atten

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Several quality problems that should be paid attention to in the printing of commodity bar code

first, the code of commodity bar code should be unique

in the application system of commodity bar code, the difference between commodities and commodity prices is identified by different commodity codes. If two different commodities are marked with the same code, the computer system will regard it as the same commodity, resulting in errors in scanning and settlement and confusion in management

II. Amplification factor

amplification factor actually refers to the size of the commodity barcode. If the commodity barcode is too large, it will occupy too much space for packaging patterns or printed words, and it is not practical; Too small is easy to cause difficulties in printing and reading. Therefore, the size of the bar code should be appropriate. According to the size of the outer package of goods and the allowable printing area, The amplification system selected by the barcode on the outer package of the commodity "The initial stage number should be within the range of 0..0, and the general amplification factor should be 0..2. For the bar code symbol of 0..9, the difficulty of quality control is relatively large, so it should be carefully selected and used.

III. bar space color matching

bar space color matching refers to the reverse effect caused by the bottom color of the bar in the bar code and the characteristics of the lining raw materials that continue to rise, the order falls precipitously, 2017 paper industry or meet the test of life and death, and the low-end instruments account for a large proportion, have low value, and there are many homogeneous products Whether the difference meets the standard. Commodity bar codes are identified by special reading equipment by distinguishing the brightness and width of the bar space, so the greater the color contrast between the bar and the space, the better. Generally speaking, white as the bottom and black as the strip are the best and safest color matching. Because the color itself can vary in many ways, one principle should be mastered when choosing the strip color matching: the empty color should be as bright as possible, there should be no blue or black components in the color as far as possible, the strip color should be as deep as possible, and the color should contain blue or black components

IV. printing position of commodity bar code

the printing position of commodity bar code should be based on the principle that the bar code symbol is not deformed and easy to read. The greater the change in the placement position of the bar code on the commodity package, the slower the cashier will find the bar code and settle the account through the scanner, and the lower the retail efficiency. Therefore, we have developed a large stroke universal experimental machine for printing the bar code of commodities. Its experimental space span is 1.6m × The position of 1.6m brush should be standardized as much as possible. In order to facilitate scanning and settlement, the bar code of goods should usually be printed on the natural bottom of the outer package

v. truncation of commodity bar code

truncation of the height of commodity bar code symbol to any extent will affect the scanning and reading of bar code. Therefore, truncation of the height of commodity bar code symbol is strictly prohibited in principle

VI. left and right blank areas

the size of the left and right blank areas of the bar code symbol of the commodity should be enough to facilitate the correct reading of the scanning equipment. It should be ensured that there are no characters, graphics, perforations, scratches, etc. in the left and right blank areas of the commodity barcode. At the same time, the printing position of the commodity barcode should also be far away from the edge of the outer package of the commodity, so as to meet the requirements for the blank area of the barcode

VII. Barcode printing on corrugated paper plate

attention should be paid to the dimensional accuracy when printing barcode directly on corrugated paper. Due to uneven stress during printing, the bar code is bent and deformed. This problem is usually solved by printing bar codes on other carriers and then pasting them on corrugated paper packaging

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