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Turbo - engine oil specially customized for turbocharged engines

turbo - engine oil specially customized for turbocharged engines

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with the annual growth of automobile production and the higher requirements of the environment on automobile fuel consumption and emissions, turbochargers are becoming increasingly popular and are being pursued more and more widely

an executive of a turbocharging system enterprise said in an interview: "according to the prediction of the world energy organization, in 2050, the development prospect of vehicles driven by pure internal combustion engines and hybrid power is very optimistic, and vehicles will still account for about 60% of the total. On this basis, with the gradual improvement of fuel consumption and emission regulations, turbocharging has become an irreversible trend."

the role of turbocharged vehicles in power and fuel economy should not be underestimated. However, for owners of turbocharged vehicles, if they lack certain maintenance knowledge and good driving habits, turbocharging will greatly reduce the performance and life of the vehicle

for the maintenance of turbocharged vehicles, the most important thing is the choice of engine oil. Unlike naturally aspirated engines, turbine "In short, the main shaft of the supercharger adopts a floating design. The turbine body and the main shaft are directly filled with engine oil, which is used for heat dissipation and lubrication. In addition, the working environment of the turbocharged engine is higher when it works, and the working conditions around the engine will be worse. Therefore, the torque durability tester for selecting the shaft of the lubricating oil is a kind of testing machine for the mechanical properties of the shaft used in the product, such as service life, torque, compression resistance, bending resistance, etc The choice of instruments is more strict. The lubricating oil must meet the following characteristics to better protect the engine: super wear resistance, super high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, super shear resistance, super clean dispersion, extremely high oil film strength, excellent stability, etc

in order to better protect the engine and experience the extreme speed and passion, turbocharged vehicle oil is your only choice

the turbo series products launched by Dongrun Nanhai are the sincere works of the company for turbocharged engines

industry comments:

in the maintenance of turbocharging, high-quality engine oil is particularly important, which can play a icing on the cake effect. For the owners of such models, the starting point of all choices is based on experience, and only the special lubricating oil can give full play to the maximum performance of the turbine. As a rising star, the force measuring pointer rotates at a constant speed. Dongrun Nanhai has strong scientific and technological strength and rich scientific research achievements, and is unswerving on the road of innovation. The launch of Turbo series products is undoubtedly a great benefit to consumers, and I believe it will bring owners an alternative experience

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