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Turk launched a new signal isolator product in the interface product family

im12 series isolator products have excellent characteristics such as high channel density, investment safety, SiL2 functional safety level, etc.

Turk has expanded the im12 product series for non intrinsic safety signals on the basis of its imx12 series products. Im12 series is one of the thinnest equipment in this series. The width of each channel is only 6 mm, which saves the installation space inside the control cabinet. Its new design provides users with high investment security. The whole product series can be used for functional safety circuits up to SiL2. Im12 equipment can process switching and analog signals from field equipment, such as pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry. Im12 equipment is also widely used in factory automation. For example, it is used for temperature and speed measurement. The combustion performance grade of carbon fiber and polypropylene fiber European external wall insulation material itself is only the basic requirement, and the content of dimension is 45% and 55% respectively

this series adopts a new technology, which can set parameters through IO link and PACTware or other FDT frameworks. The optional bridge terminal power supply is also applicable to all im12 models. When im12 and imx12 (ex area) are used for the calibration results of Rockwell hardness tester, customers can use the same installation, wiring mode and debugging functions. In addition to switching and analog input and output signals, Turk also provides frequency and temperature sensors

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