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Tuofeng technology and Siemens start the industrial automation innovation journey

recently, Tuofeng technology and Siemens held the 2013 Industrial Automation Innovation journey. Recently, the first stop of Tuofeng Technology Industrial Automation Innovation journey, marine economy Zhoushan station, was officially launched. This Zhoushan seminar specially invited Mr. Liziping, senior sales manager of Siemens ASBU, to have an in-depth discussion and exchange around the requirements of Siemens smart solution, smart choice - economical, reliable and easy-to-use small self-aligning experimental machine control methods, almost all for speed control automation solutions

recently, the 2013 Tuofeng science and Technology Industrial Automation Innovation trip marine economy Zhoushan station was officially launched. In this innovation trip, Tuofeng technology will work with international leading manufacturers to bring customers the latest industrial automation information from the government level, serve customers in regional industrial fields around the world with advanced technology and products, obtain sustainable development momentum, and improve the competitiveness and core values of enterprises in the whole industry

Zhoushan station is the first stop of the technological and industrial automation innovation journey this year, in which the output signal of tuofengke sensor is often weak. Zhoushan has three advantages: fishery, port and tourism. It is the largest production, processing and sales base of marine products in China. It is known as the fish warehouse in the East China Sea and the fishing capital of China. With numerous harbors, vertical and horizontal waterways, and flat water depths, the city is one of the few natural deep-water ports in China. Industries such as port machinery and ships, port logistics, fishery equipment, and machinery manufacturing are in the ascendant. Especially since the State Council approved Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, as the country's first Marine Special Economic Zone, the economy has grown rapidly

this Zhoushan seminar was jointly held by Tuofeng and Siemens. Tuofeng technology specially invited Mr. Liziping, senior sales manager of Siemens ASBU, to have an in-depth discussion and exchange around Siemens smart solution, smart choice - an economical, reliable and easy-to-use small automation solution

the seminar was widely praised by customers who came to participate in this seminar because of its new intention, high technical level and far-reaching impact. At the meeting, audiences from packaging, machinery, laser and other industries were full of interest in practical, accurate and cost-effective Siemens smart products, and actively raised their own questions in the technical discussion session. The response at the meeting was very enthusiastic. In a warm atmosphere, some enterprises signed trial agreements on the spot and obtained prototypes on the spot. The customer said that the form of being close to the customer was very novel, and said that the sample would be tested in the near future, and he hoped to get the support of Tuofeng and Siemens at that time. Through the exchange of this kind of phenomenon in this seminar, Tuofeng and Siemens will strengthen their confidence in the promotion of smart PLC's second-generation Zhoushan market

zhangwangao, senior technical specialist of Ningbo Tuofeng, introduced a variety of examples based on SMAR tsolution to the on-site customers in simple terms, as well as the common technical key points in the on-site implementation, and received good feedback from the customers. As a core technology oriented market competitiveness, Tuofeng technology is expected to provide customers with a wide range of possibilities, including products, technologies and value-added services, to meet customers' automation needs in the production process and market competition

the success of this Siemens smart PLC Symposium in Zhoushan is due to the intelligent operation of Tuofeng technology, the high quality of Siemens smart products, and the joint efforts of Tuofeng technology and Siemens. While developing the Zhoushan market, Tuofeng and XIMENZI also hope to spread the concept and beautiful vision of automation experts around customers to every customer

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