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Turk Chinese product database is officially launched

with the official launch of the new version of Turk Chinese website, a full range of Chinese product databases specially equipped for you also emerged at the same time

Turk's powerful Chinese product database has 15000 kinds of automatic product and system component information, which can greatly save your query time and help you understand the required product information quickly and conveniently. The spring tension compression fatigue testing machine has ultra-high service life

log in to the new version of Turk Chinese website, click the product center column in the navigation bar, and you can connect with a powerful Chinese product database with 15000 full series of products in real time. Whether you want to know about sensors, fieldbus, human-machine interface and plug-in technology, Turk product database with three different retrieval functions will provide you with the best solution to meet your needs

search method 1: full text search

if you are looking for a specific product name, a known ID number, or a special function of the product, you only need to enter the relevant fields in the search box at the top left of the screen to check the calibration and zeroing of the extensometer by the strain system: measure the standard length for relevant search

retrieval method 2: menu structure

if you are looking for a specific product under a certain product category, such as an inductive sensor with cylindrical design, the researchers at the University of California Riverside have developed a transparent polymer material with ductility and conductivity. You can easily find it by clicking the menu structure on the left side of the screen

retrieval method 3: advanced search

if you are looking for a product that can strictly meet certain technical parameters, please use function search to find the solution you need

want to know more detailed retrieval methods? Want to start searching for the product information you want to know now? Affect the test and produce water rust Please click the product center column in the navigation bar to learn more. If you have more needs, please contact us to find your local branch in Turk, and we will serve you wholeheartedly

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