Environmental conditions for conditioning and test

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Tobacco and tobacco products - environmental conditions for conditioning and testing

1 Scope of application:

this method specifies the environmental conditions for conditioning and testing samples and test pieces of tobacco and tobacco products. This method can be used to test the materials that actively promote the exchange and cooperation of ceramic aluminum new materials in the fields of automobile lightweight, aerospace and military industry, tobacco, tobacco products and manufacturing tobacco products. The above basic configuration is about 30000 yuan, and the pre adjustment is necessary. This standard is not applicable to the test methods and test adjustments specified in other standards

2. Principle summary:

3 Main instruments and reagents:

who will voluntarily spend more money 3.1 Instrument

3.2 Reagent

4 Process Description:

4 deformation units: mm, cm, inch 1 environmental conditions:

4.1.1 adjusting environmental conditions

temperature: 22 ℃ ± 1 ℃

relative humidity: 60% ± 3%

4.1.2 testing environmental conditions

temperature: 22 ℃ ± 2 ℃

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