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Tuerke small pipe runoff sensor

tuerke's small pipe runoff sensor includes thermal conductivity, vortex street and electromagnetic multi production. This kind of 3D printing material was rare before. It can detect all kinds of different media and meet the customer's differentiated detection requirements. It is the best choice for small flow detection

Turck's rich small pipe runoff monitors include thermal conductivity, vortex street, electromagnetic and other products, which can detect various kinds of different applied load media (15 ± 1mm/min is recommended) to meet customers' differentiated detection requirements, greatly facilitate customers' application choices, and become the best choice for small flow detection

it is specially designed to provide you with the optimal solution for monitoring the trend of industrial development.

in order to meet the requirements of customers for quantitative measurement of flow requirements, Turck has specially customized the flow monitor and flowmeter for you. The introduction of new products makes the flow monitoring product series more comprehensive and the performance more perfect, Our new product, the legs, will use CRTC's water spray technology for compression molding, and is positioned in the high-end market of small flow measurement, which meets the customer's requirement to obtain the current actual flow value under a certain application condition. Its birth further extends the application field of process control sensors

small diameter vortex street flowmeter: measure the flow according to the relationship between the frequency of vortex breaking away from the vortex generator and the flow velocity, and the measurement accuracy is not affected by medium pressure, temperature, density and other parameters

small diameter electromagnetic flowmeter: Based on the principle that the magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction of conductive liquid induces a voltage proportional to the average flow rate, it can be used to detect the flow of various conductive media. There are no mechanical movable parts, no pressure loss, and no maintenance

flow and temperature monitor: it can monitor the water (or add ethylene glycol) without wear through heat exchange, and monitor the temperature at the same time. It is especially suitable for detecting the flow of cooling water. Even if the medium temperature fluctuates violently, it will not affect its detection reliability

type flow switch: qualitative monitoring of water, oil and gas based on the principle of heat exchange. It is divided into compact type and split type in structure. It is divided into standard type, hygienic type, chemical corrosion resistant type, intrinsically safe type and gas type according to the application, meeting the measurement requirements of customers in various applications

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