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Turck recently launched sensors, relays and other products

1) HF high-frequency products:

blident is an RFID product developed by Turck on the bl67/20 fieldbus platform, so it has great performance advantages: it supports almost all fieldbus communication protocols; Any combination of 2~8 channels; It can provide IP67 or IP20 grade products; Compatible with all products under bl67/20 platform. At the same time, blident supports hot plug, dynamic read-write, the maximum allowable moving speed of the code carrier can reach 10m/s, and can provide thin code carriers and high-temperature code carriers directly installed on the metal surface

2) UHF UHF products:

this year, the Turk blident family added a new member UHF. UHF products are planned to meet with you at the end of this year for years of development. Its working frequency is 865928 MHz, which meets the ISO c/gen 2 international communication standard. Compared with HF products, its superior performance is mainly manifested in that its maximum reading and writing distance can reach 3 meters, and it can connect 16 reading and writing heads at most. In addition, UHF products also support PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO, ethernet/ip and other protocols and programmable switches, and Turk UHF products can work together with HF products in a read-write range. The protection grade of UHF product IP67 and the anti-interference antenna enable it to be directly installed on the metal surface or work in the environment of high pressure and high temperature

2. Process quantity measurement sensor

1) small temperature transmitter TTM series

at present, there are more and more demands on the market for compact temperature sensors to be suitable for harsh environments. In order to meet these demands, Turck has developed TTM series small temperature measurement sensors. The shape of this series of products is very similar to the Turck standard temperature probe, which is especially suitable for applications with limited installation space; And TTM series products integrate the internal processing circuit and PT1000 measuring elements, and can provide two-wire 4 20mA analog current signal output. At the same time, TTM series small temperature sensor products can reach IP67 protection grade, which can be suitable for applications in harsh environments

2) Pt, PC series pressure sensors

pt-2 series pressure transmitters are specially designed for the detection of liquid and gas media, and are very solid. The measuring element and sensor shell are welded together with the process connection thread. With this structure, PT-2 series pressure transmitters can measure the pressure of viscous or dirty media, and can also be well used in similar complex environments; At the same time, this series of sensors can be used normally in the harsh environment of test-bed, process engineering, industrial occasions and research institutes. In addition, PT-2 series pressure transmitter has temperature compensation function and can provide standard output signal

all stainless steel, ip69k protection grade, and the housing form without digital display make pc-200 series pressure switches can be used well in harsh environments. The switch status and IO link communication status can be displayed by the LED indicator at the electrical connection of M12 connector, and the setting operation of the switch point can also be conveniently completed by the relevant IO link interface module. For the application of pressure monitoring, the membrane technology, sealing and shell form of pressure sensor are the most important standards to ensure the reliability of use. PC - 200 series products are the most suitable choice for pressure monitoring

3. Relay:

Turck industrial relay currently provides a, B, C, D, e series products and their accessories; 100% of the products are produced in Europe. The biggest difference between Turck relay and other manufacturers' products is that Turck relay provides a dual-purpose test button. Even under special circumstances, if the relay fails, it can still keep the relay on until it is replaced. It can be widely used in 24-hour non-stop workplaces. Moreover, the sockets of Turk relay are all produced by the largest manufacturing enterprise in Europe

4. Rotation angle sensor

Turck's new inductive rotation angle sensor adopts a new and revolutionary measurement principle. The product integrates the advantages of the standard measurement system, and has been systematically and further improved. The magnet detection mode is canceled, and the inductive RLC coupling circuit is used to determine the angular position. Therefore, the basic property sensor is not disturbed by magnetic fields, such as the magnetic field generated by large motors

ri rotation angle sensor is suitable for many application environments from the perspective of various new experimental machines at present, because it has excellent anti-interference, IP67 protection grade plastic protective shell and long working life. Other typical features include a 360 measurement range and a repetition accuracy of 0.09. At the same time, it has standard analog output and SSI interface output mode

the irregular rotating shaft will cause the vibration and offset of the positioning element. It is composed of sensor and positioning element, and the allowable edge offset is 3 mm. In this way, the sensor can work more reliably and can be installed anywhere. Without the use of shafts and bearings (non-contact principle), the customer can easily adjust the bearing tolerance

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