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Turk: non-contact angle sensor for explosion hazardous areas

Turk's ri-dsu35 is the first non-contact inductive angle sensor that can be used in explosion hazardous areas and is very suitable for valve control

Turk's ri-dsu35 is the first non-contact inductive angle sensor that has passed ATEX and iec-ex certification and can be used in zone 1 and zone 21 hazardous areas. Compared with the dual sensor valve position feedback, ri-dsu35 has significant advantages in detecting the position of valves and stop valves in explosion hazardous areas: it can detect the position of valves in the whole 360 range, so it can also monitor three otherwise, if parts loosen and fall off during operation, the valve is opened. This enables the valve position to be accurately detected and positioned. Because the sensor adopts the same shell as the traditional dual sensor, it can use various installation accessories of Turk as usual

ri-dsu35 stops halfway after unloading. The non-contact measurement principle is completely wear-free, thus ensuring long service life and stable precision 6. Fluorosilicone resin. Through 360 detection of valve position, the sensor can also achieve predictive maintenance. Once the sensor output deviates from the initial expected position value of the two countries at the end of the valve disc, the user can immediately detect the worn seal

ri-dsu35 is equipped with a junction box. The terminal blocks can be easily removed for maintenance of the drive and then reinstalled. Because the wiring terminal acts as a connector and can be inserted without errors without professional electrical knowledge, the requirements for maintenance personnel are reduced

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