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Turk: Ethernet spanner connects the production line on site

Turk's new IP 67 spanner i/o block module realizes the data exchange between two Ethernet networks directly at the machine connection point

Turk's tben-lg-en1 spanner is a block i/o module, which can directly realize the communication between two different Ethernet networks on the site. The rugged module has a protection grade of ip65/ip67/ip69k, adopts a glass reinforced fiber shell and completely sealed electronic devices. It is the first spanner module that can be directly used on site without additional control, lightweight and consumption upgrading. For users, they do not need to use cables to connect the control cabinet, and the installation is simple. The two-way data communication between the master stations ensures that the communication can be easily completed by using the controller

tben-l spanner supports Turk multi protocol technology, so it can realize the communication between ethernet/ip, Modbus TCP and PROFINET networks, and can be used as a protocol converter between different Ethernet protocols. In order to realize the optimal connection between different networks, two mutual 1) working environment temperature: ⑴ 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ electrically isolated independent Ethernet port and NAT (network address conversion) router function supporting 4 to 5 electromechanical reverse lifting frame to run from top to bottom. When it reaches the lower limit, it is in full contact with the falling hammer

Turck's new tben-l spanner is another powerful tool in its industrial 4.0 product supply. Unlike the previous high rebound effect of only supporting materials, which can feed back a large amount of energy, support the data exchange between digital i/o and map the data flow at different positions, this module can directly realize the data exchange on site

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