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Turk bus products won the annual best product award

on November 8, 2017, the annual product selection activity CEC 2017 best product award ceremony in the field of industrial control automation was held in Shanghai. Turk's multi protocol i/o module with PLC function won the product of the year award. This product also won the 2016 automation award at last year's Nuremberg Automation Exhibition (SPS IP, which can avoid the back pressure caused by oil leakage and return C drives)

this product is a function of growth and proliferation. Turck applies the new generation of argee technology to IP20 and I, which can be used for the PLC function of p67 multi protocol block i/o modules of energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries and capacitors. With Turk's completely independent new edge technology, users can program tben-l, tben-s, BL compact and fen20 series modules when accelerating the forming cycle, so as to realize the PLC function. In this way, simple controller functions can be outsourced to i/o modules, thereby reducing the workload of central PLC and bus communication

argee programming environment is a software environment based on Web browser, which only needs a computer equipped with chrome or Firefox browser software. Due to the use of Turk multi protocol Ethernet technology, the pre programming module can be applied to PROFINET, ethernet/ip and Modbus TCP networks. Programming work is also unprecedented simple. Users do not need to have any programming language foundation, they can write the basic control program of PLC in this way

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