The hottest Tuomin quarkcall all media call center

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Tuomin quarkcall all media call center is tailored for enterprises

Beijing Tuomin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (tomisoft) is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise recognized by the Beijing municipal government. It is a leading provider of unified communication solutions in China. To provide unified communication, call center and fax services for enterprises and government agencies of different sizes in different regions, we should operate carefully and have patience with device solutions and related services

quarkcall call call center system is a cross network and cross business Omni channel intelligent customer service system. Create an excellent team and customer interaction platform for enterprises, optimize customer experience, improve work efficiency and increase profits

quarkcall all media call center integrates Tuomin call center and unified communication products and services to help enterprises optimize customer experience and improve satisfaction and loyalty; Pressure is also great, optimize the workflow and improve work efficiency; Increase profits, take the lead in the competition and win advantages

quarkcall all media call center can be widely used in enterprises, e-commerce, TV shopping, freight express, government utilities, chain stores, power, banking, securities, insurance, media, medicine, tourism, FMCG and other industries

to meet the needs of different enterprises, Qu should shut down immediately. Arkcall all media call center products are divided into IPX version, Lite small version, pro professional version and advance advanced version. With the growth of your enterprise and the change of business needs, you can expand and upgrade the capacity and build a more powerful call center system by loading modules, which does not need to interrupt your business and protect your investment

today, Tuomin's dynamic team and wise quarkcall call center can complement the industrial "short board" system products, which will provide enterprises with more intelligent and personalized services, improve satisfaction and loyalty, maximize customer value, take the lead in the competition and win advantages

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