The hottest turbocharged 35kw marine generator set

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Turbocharged 35kw marine generator set

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turbocharged 35kw marine generator set generally speaking, the repaired generator set will cause the crankshaft to rotate slowly or not to rotate when starting, so the diesel engine can't be put out and run. There are several reasons for this kind of problem: first, the valve clearance adjustment of the diesel engine is not accurate. Second, the repairman with too low craftsmanship screwed the connecting rod bolts too hard when assembling, resulting in increased friction when starting. Third The contact between the starter converter and the electromagnetic switch circuit is poor, which makes it difficult to start. 4. The generator set itself has been a long time, and the power caused by the aging of the external starter is too small

recommended products of Turbocharged 35kw marine generator set:

fuel consumption: original danizawa Toyoto, excellent power, improved fuel consumption rate, and quickly improved the economic benefits of production

noise: adopting the principle of car power, the motor noise is greatly reduced, and the silent generator increases people's noise

function: danieze power has high function, ultra quiet, and adopts red copper coils to improve the task effectiveness and durability of products

body machine: Japanese Toyoto technology, the fourth generation and the latest version, which reduces the volume of the simple version of the motor and is easy to carry

weight: integrate customer needs and suggestions, new product research and development, increase the weight of gasoline generator, strengthen the power, and increase the trouble that users can carry stably Improve task effectiveness

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[contact]: Chang haopeng

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main technical specifications and parameters

generator technology parameters

generator model

item to35000tsi

in particular, high-molecular materials have developed rapidly in recent years

generator type

generator type rare earth permanent magnet motor

rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor

generator structure

generator layout brushley E. pre cure the parts and replace the metal The design gap can reduce noise Vibration and irregularity (NVH) ss motor



number of phases three phase/single phase

three phase/single phase

rated speed (RPM)

additional speed 3000/3600

rated power (kw)

additional power 35

rated voltage (V)

additional voltage 230/400

max power (kw)

maximum input 40

power factor (COS)

power factor 0.9/1

rated frequency (Hz)

frequency 50 (60)

insulation class

insulation grade F class

engine engine bore stroke (mmxmm)

cylinder diameter x stroke 92x94

displacement (L)

displacement 2.489

max power (kw)/rpm

maximum high power/speed 85KW/3800rpm

max torque (n.m/rpm)

maximum high torque 280/()

starting mode

starting style electric starting

electric starting

fuel consumption


fuel consumption 265

lube capacity

oil volume (L) 7 (dry)

lube brand

smooth oil trademark ≥ CD level or SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

CD level above or SAE 10W-30, 15w-40

c hope to help you! Grade I-4 (GB)

compression ratio

compression ratio 18.5:1

engine type

engine type 16V, DOHC, turbocharging, direct injection, intercooling, EGR intercooling,

4 cylinder High pressure common rail

fuel capacity (L)

fuel capacity 37 (60 external muffler)

emission standard

emission standard:

National fourth/European fourth

fuel brand

fuel type vehicle diesel (III, IV): 0 (summer) -10 (winter) -35 (cool cold)

noise (DB)

noise ≤ 76

whole machine lenthx widthX hight

"length, width and height 1480mmx780mmx1160mm

n.w (kg) Gross weight 430

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