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Tunnel shares: the World Expo leading breakthrough soared

Guide: with the 2004 Athens Olympic Games approaching, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is not far away from us. The Olympic concept has become a very important hot spot in the recent market, and Olympic concept stocks such as road and bridge construction and Beijing urban construction have shown a continuous upward trend. With the launch of the Olympic concept, we have to deal with another

with the 2004 Athens Olympic Games approaching, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is not far away from us. The Olympic concept has become a key market in the recent market, and the engineering plastics will grow at a very important hot spot according to the growth rate of 5%. The Olympic concept stocks such as road and Bridge construction and Beijing urban construction have been rising continuously. With the launch of the Olympic concept, we must also focus on another hot spot, which is the concept of WorldExpo. The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is another major international event after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. According to the estimates of relevant departments, the direct investment will reach 25billion yuan, which will benefit relevant companies. We focus on tunnel shares (600820)

first, professional monopoly enterprises create brilliance in China's tunnel construction industry. Tunnel Co., Ltd. (600820) is a public utility listed company mainly engaged in general contracting of civil engineering construction projects, tunnels, municipal construction roads and bridges, transportation, fire piles, foundation underground wall works, self-supporting and agency import and export business of various commodities and technologies. The company is the only listed company specialized in underground soft soil construction in Shenzhen and Shanghai. It has a monopoly advantage in soft soil construction and underground infrastructure construction. The company has the country's first shield and pipe jacking technology. The company has participated in the design and construction of major tunnels and related projects in many important large and medium-sized cities in China, of which the company has undertaken about 70% of all kinds of tunnel projects in Shanghai. Tunnel Co., Ltd. has undertaken the construction of all the large river crossing tunnels that have been completed in Shanghai, and has undertaken the main workload of Metro Line 1, line 2 and phase I of the Pearl line. Among them, the workload of line 1 is more than 60%, and that of line 2 is 50%; Tunnel Co., Ltd. has played an important role in the construction of environmental protection projects such as Shanghai confluence sewage and comprehensive treatment of Suzhou River, as well as energy projects such as Shidongkou Power Plant and Waigaoqiao Power Plant. Similarly, in cities outside Shanghai, where there are shield tunnels, the first shield is constructed by tunnel companies. With the development of the enterprise, the business scope of the company has continuously expanded from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang and other places, and has been a pioneer in the construction of Guangzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro, Shenzhen Metro and Tianjin Metro. In addition, the immortal monuments of the enterprise have been established in the construction of Shanxi Wanjiazhai hard rock tunnel of the Yellow River Diversion Project into Shanxi, Fuzhou Dazhou mountain tunnel of Fujian flushing and sewage diversion project, Shenzhen water diversion Qianshan River jacking and other projects. The company also participated in the construction of the northeast line of the Singapore Metro and the Hong Kong Kwai Tsing Metro. It also undertook projects such as the Singapore deepwater tunnel with Singapore's highest G8 EPC qualification. In addition, the company also actively cooperated with two companies in Singapore and Sweden to successfully win the bid for the Singapore Metro Binhai line project with a cost of 1.6 billion yuan, and then won the bid for the 2.8 billion yuan project with a French company in the Hong Kong market. According to the established goal, the influence of tunnel shares has gradually radiated from Shanghai to China and even Southeast Asia. In the past ten years, tunnel Co., Ltd. has created one glory after another in the history of tunnel construction in China. We have reason to believe that the company will continue this glory in the future

second, advanced technology will contribute to the construction of the WorldExpo. The company is the first enterprise in the national construction industry to pass the ISO9002 quality certification and the ISO14000 certification. On January 7 this year, the 866 meter section of the first double round subway tunnel in China contracted by the company was successfully completed. The key technology and propulsion technology of double round shield used this time marks that China has become the second country to master the construction technology of double round tunnel after Japan, which is of positive significance to the early completion of rail transit in Shanghai. The outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for construction clearly points out that in 2005, the added value of the construction industry reached 850billion yuan, the construction of subway, light rail and urban railway in some big cities, "south to North Water Diversion", the success of Beijing's Olympic bid and Shanghai's Expo bid, and the industry has broad prospects for development. At the same time, all parts of China need about 100 billion yuan of infrastructure construction funds. According to the preliminary plan of Shanghai municipal engineering construction, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, of the 24.83 billion yuan investment required for urban road construction, about 6billion yuan of river crossing project construction is planned to be solved by introducing social funds; Among the 48.86 billion yuan investment in highway construction, 34.5 billion yuan required for highway construction is solved through BOT, which obviously creates infinite business opportunities for tunnel shares with rich BOT operation experience

third, huge subsidies, and the quarterly report is expected to be good. The company announced last year that the Shanghai Dalian Road River crossing highway tunnel, which is invested, controlled, designed, constructed and operated by the company, was completed and opened to traffic eight months in advance, so the company's subsidy income will begin to realize. According to the budget, the total investment of the project is 1655.26 million, and the subsidy rate is 9.9% of the total investment, that is, the company will receive a huge subsidy income of 160million yuan per year during the 25 year operation period, Such a shocking profit makes us believe that it is expected to surprise investors in this year's quarterly report. It is worth noting that the company's annual report disclosed that the company achieved a total of 7.551 billion yuan of bid winning projects in 2003, especially for the packaging market, but set a record high. Such a large order undoubtedly guarantees the further improvement of the company's future performance

fourth, the wave of restructuring of local companies in Shanghai has brought historical opportunities. The relevant reports of Shanghai Bailian Group can be seen in the media. The first department store and Hualian Commercial Building both rose by the limit, and then friendship shares also rose strongly, and the material Trade Center also soared upward. Following the news released by Shanghai Jinjiang Group, Jinjiang International and Jinjiang Hotel both blowout and the steel ball landed freely, and then the financial innovation of Shanghai Electric Group was launched, and Shanghai Electric, electric appliance shares and Shangchai shares rose again, In the context of Shanghai's "ignition" for the overall listing action, it can be said that the entire Shanghai local stock sector seems to be the overall listing concept stocks. Tunnel Co., Ltd. is a listed company subordinate to Shanghai Urban Construction Group, and Shanghai urban construction group plays a decisive role in Shanghai municipal construction. Once the potential system innovation in the future is applied to Shanghai Urban Construction Group, tunnel Co., Ltd. will undoubtedly face new opportunities

fifth, large bottom, breaking through and soaring. On the secondary market, the stock has fallen all the way since it peaked at 11.56 yuan (resumption price) in August 2001, with the largest decline of more than 50%, seriously oversold. From last November, after the stock established a historical bottom, there was a wave of unilateral upward market. To the end, the turnover rate has exceeded 80%. During this period, the main fund-raising signs were more obvious, with the potential to explode. Today, the volume of the stock broke through the double repression of the annual line and the 30 day moving average, and the rising space was fully opened. It is expected that there will be a continuous rising market in the future. It is recommended that investors focus on it

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