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The rapid growth of water-based and other environmental friendly coatings has gradually become the mainstream of the development of the coating field

the rapid growth of water-based and other environmental friendly coatings has gradually become the mainstream of the development of the coating field

January 8, 2019

in today's coating industry, environmental protection is an inevitable theme. Its main advantages are: it can produce the effect of cutting force reduction and chip thinning; Improve the surface accuracy and shape accuracy of the workpiece; Improve the material removal rate. In this context, environmental friendly coatings have grown rapidly and gradually become the mainstream of the development in the field of coatings. Water based coatings are a rapidly developing field of environmental friendly coatings. At present, many mature products and technologies have been introduced to the market of Chinese coatings. Water based coating is a kind of coating with water as solvent or dispersion medium. It has the characteristics of green and environmental protection, and has been used on a large scale in the field of architectural coatings. As countries around the world pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the use of water-based coatings has become an inevitable trend

since its appearance in the 1960s, water-based coatings have developed for many years, forming a huge system with multiple varieties, functions, uses and specifications. Although the water-based coatings industry in China started late, with the rapid economic development, water-based coatings have made great progress, and the trend of wood coatings hydration is obvious in furniture and office coatings. Although water-based coatings have achieved great results, there is still a long way to go to completely replace other types of coatings

at the same time, adjust the base level to within 0.2/1000 with a level gauge, and the development of the coating industry cannot be separated from the specification and guidance of standards. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology on publishing the list of 2018 group standard application demonstration projects (MIIT Kehan [2018] No. 469), and the technical specification for green design product evaluation water-based building coatings led by China coating industry association was included in the 2018 "group standard application demonstration project". As a technical specification for the evaluation of green design products in the paint industry, water-based building coatings is of great significance for standardizing and guiding the development of the paint industry. It is conducive to boosting and expanding the social influence of green product policies, enhancing social effects, and can further promote brand building, guide consumption, and meet the requirements of industrial structure transformation and supply side structural reform. A series of coating industry standards have been implemented in succession to promote the transformation process of the coating industry. It is believed that as the government pays more attention to environmental protection and the coating industry standards are becoming more and more perfect, coating enterprises will also accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and contribute to the cause of environmental protection

in the future, in addition to formulating standards and carrying out research work, we should actively develop green, sustainable and developing coating technology, and continue to expand the application fields of water-based coatings, so as to further release the market potential of water-based coatings. At the same time, based on the existing foundation, we should develop high-performance and high-function water 34 ribbed steel sleeve extrusion connectivity coating. In general, water-based coatings are one of the important development trends in the field of coating industry, and the prospect is very broad. However, to play a greater role, we need to work hard on performance and replace non environmental friendly coatings from the root

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