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Turk solutions help flexible production

more than 90% of components are connected to the control system with finished fieldbus cables and plug-in connectors provided by Turk

the new Idec manufacturing center (NiMo) of Genentech, located in oceanside, California, used fieldbus technology, which was a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry at the beginning. This factory has become a template for almost all grassroots pharmaceutical factories designed by CRB in recent years. All modules are manufactured using Turk wiring system before being transported to the location of oshenside factory

the pharmaceutical industry in the United States has changed a lot. A plan to build a new biotechnology factory to produce Avastin, an anticancer drug, has experienced twists and turns. It took five years to develop it, and another two years to build it, and its owners have changed three times. Ultimately, none of these factors can prevent the completion of the project. This is Genentech's new Idec manufacturing center (NiMo), which is located in oceanside, California

as early as the beginning of this century, the team composed of engineers, architects and general contractors began to design oshenside factory and created a new "design and construction hybrid" method to implement unique manufacturing innovation, advanced design concepts and beneficial quality measures for the factory

one of the innovations was the use of fieldbus technology, which was a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry at that time. Denise Kresge of CRB consulting engineers, an engineering company responsible for the design of overall facilities and manufacturing processes, said: "before designing the oshenside plant, it has never been heard that biotechnology/pharmaceutical plants use a large number of buses. Now, this plant has become a template for almost all grassroots pharmaceutical plants designed by CRB in recent years."

according to Kresge, At that time, there were many concerns about whether it could obtain FDA approval: "From a design point of view, this concept presents some challenges. One of them is that the installed cables must meet sanitary requirements and withstand frequent flushing in a clean room environment.

another challenge is to prevent external noise induced by power supply and production equipment. Communication cables must be shielded, and we have to abide by the separation rules of cable components and installation." Oshenside factory was approved by FDA in 2006

sub assembly improves efficiency

this factory owns "This is also the key to our subversion of raw material costs. The huge production area is one of the first batch of biotechnology manufacturing facilities that successfully use large modular super platforms. These platforms are manufactured off-site and then transported to the factory. More than 70 process tanks and 18 fermentation barrels are integrated into 17 large modules. This method saves on-site construction time and reduces the number of on-site workers.

when transported to the oshenside factory Before the ground, all modules are built with Turk wiring system. Line segments are applied to 48 control cabinets using Delta V control, and each control cabinet includes at least two foundation f ieldbus and DeviceNet line segments under the pressure of rising labor costs. These sections use Turk Foundation Fieldbus and DeviceNet to quickly disconnect ITC (instrument panel cable) to connect about 95% of automatic instruments to the distributed control system. Using ITC cable wiring is not only faster than stacking "printing material" 1 layer by layer according to 3D image data, but also takes up less space

the connection and fieldbus technology provided by Turk can be used normally in the harsh flushing environment in Genentech factory.

two Turk DeviceNet advanced i/o modules (AIM) remote i/o stations are also used in the control cabinet. The aim station and foundation fieldbus terminal block are installed on the process equipment and connected to the network in the control cabinet. The aim station can accept 16 discrete i/o points, and each DeviceNet segment supports up to 63 aim stations. Many line segments do not fully utilize the maximum i/o capacity to reserve space for future expansion. The FF terminal block can accept 10~12 analog instruments or valve controllers per line segment

due to the use of standard control cabinet design, the construction cost is reduced, and the production of control cabinet is also easy. The implementation of DeviceNet and foundation field bus technology reduces the number of wiring required for debugging, thus reducing the size of the control cabinet and reducing the cost. Wiring in the processing plant greatly reduces the wiring work that must be performed in the plant, thus greatly shortening the construction and start-up time. Another advantage of using foundation fieldbus is that the system is equipped with asset management tools, so the debugging speed is faster

now, NiMo factory has more than 16000 instruments, including 7291 foundation fieldbus devices and 1230 DeviceNet devices, as well as aim station in Turk. Turck products meet the IP67 environmental protection standard, so there is no need to close the waterproof cabinet to resist the washing environment (Figure 2), which is another important consideration in the construction of pharmaceutical enterprises

the decision to use Turk connection products in the preliminary design provides great convenience for the subsequent construction and commissioning work and three factory modifications. The factory changed its ownership in 2003 and 2005, and must be modified to adapt to completely different products. If the traditional hardwired control system is adopted, the tight construction period and limited budget will inevitably become serious problems, but the flexibility of ITC cable and fast connection solution makes these changes completed on time

Joe Hohn, control system engineer of dynaectric, an instrument and control (I c) contractor, said, "when we first modified, we just used the existing power distribution and trunk lines to relocate the instruments according to the requirements of the new process. The connection and disconnection of cables are very convenient. The cost is quite low, and the result is first-class. If it is not Turk connection products, the cost of rewiring will be much higher."

"if errors are not found until debugging, the cost will rise significantly." Hohn explained, "we want to specify the highest quality products that can guarantee low installation costs in order to protect ourselves." The preliminary commissioning of NiMo factory has made rapid progress, one of the main factors is the high-quality cable provided by Turk. During the commissioning, there was no unexpected delay caused by any connection failure or poor cable performance

hohn continued: "For turnkey contractors like us, the installation cost is the most important factor. Of course, there are other factors, but Turk cable makes the installation and commissioning of the control network safer and more convenient than the first transmission system, and the final cost of the system can be greatly reduced. Compared with such a large project with traditional wiring, our installation cost, including commissioning, is only about one sixth." What's more surprising is that dynaectric technicians have never encountered quality problems with Turk products. Hohn said, "I don't know their warranty plan or where they assemble these products, but what I see is 100% high-quality products."

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