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The living room is the most central place in the home and the best place for family and friends to get together and talk. However, the placement of the sofa in the living room is the key to affecting the space and visual effect of the whole living room. Today, I want to share with you the placement skills of the sofa in the living room and the six placement skills to make your living room more fashionable

sofa placement skills in the living room

1 One line layout

in the skills of placing sofas in the living room, one line sofas are usually common. It gives people a warm and compact feeling. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere, you can simply place the sofas in the living room in one line, and place tea tables and TVs opposite. Such a layout can not only save space, but also increase the activity range of the living room, which is more suitable for narrow and long small living rooms& emsp;

2. L-shaped corner type &emsp& emsp;

l-shaped sofa area is generally suitable for more fashionable home design, and can also make full use of space. It is composed of multiple or single sofas “ Corner type ” It is mobile and changeable, and the layout can be changed according to needs, so that the living room is always full of freshness

3. The sofa placed in the U-shaped combined

U-shaped pattern needs to occupy a large space, which is more suitable for families with a large population and a large living room. The family sit together and love each other, and it is also more convenient to communicate& emsp;

4. Enclosure &emsp

the enclosed layout of sofa is more and more popular with young people. This layout can not only make the space center more prominent, but also enrich the use functions. The sofa is arranged on three adjacent walls, with a tea table in the middle, making it convenient for guests to sit and talk

5. Two central sofa areas &emsp

although there is only one area in the sofa area of the living room in general, in order to meet the special needs of the large living room and the owner, the sofa area can also be set with two centers, one for the main and one for the secondary. This kind of sofa placement technique in the living room can place the corner L-shaped sofa in the middle of the living room to form an open space suitable for communication. In addition, you can also choose two single sofas, which can be placed near the wall to enrich the communication space of the living room, In order to maintain relative privacy, the corner sofa and the single sofa can be separated by a curtain, so that the two centers can be independent and interconnected

6. The enclosed furniture placement method with a large sofa as the main body and two single armrests or armchairs can form a feeling of gathering and enclosure, which is more suitable for lively families

Xiaobian summary: the above is Xiaobian's sharing of living room sofa placement skills and six placement skills to make your living room more fashionable. It is recommended that you choose the appropriate sofa according to the area of your living room and home decoration style. I hope the above sharing can help you. If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow the website





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