Modern simple small duplex decoration case diagram

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Small duplex buildings are very popular among young users. They can well move the imagined attic style decoration to real life, and fully meet the curiosity psychology of young users. How can the decoration of duplex buildings look good and save money? The following modern simple style is a very good case

Community: Zhongcheng Youth Exchange

house type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration method: all inclusive

decoration style: Modern and simple

Contract Price: 100000-200000

decoration company: Urban space-time decoration

design concept: the small duplex takes a relatively simple tone in the whole space and layout, which can well plan the pattern of the duplex building and make the whole shape more hierarchical and modern

users who like the decoration of this modern style small duplex building can refer to this set of renderings. If you still want to know the specific quotation of your house, you can also directly leave your detailed house decoration. We can help you arrange 3-4 decoration companies to measure the house for free, and make quotation reference and comparison for you





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