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On the secret technology of stainless steel door rust removal editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

the characteristic of stainless steel doors that are "not easy to rust" is well-known all over the world, but the stainless steel material will also be divided into 201 or 304. High quality stainless steel doors will not rust, but poor quality stainless steel doors are easy to rust. Facing the rusty stainless steel door, how should we remove the rust

first of all, clean the stainless steel door carefully and use non abrasive tools. Soft cloth and plastic eraser will not damage the stainless steel surface

secondly, do not choose corrosive detergent, which is easy to cause corrosion of stainless steel doors

finally, keep the facade dry and free of water droplets after each cleaning

there are various methods to remove rust from stainless steel doors, but it cannot be changed. Keep the surface of stainless steel doors dry

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