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Wu Xiaohua, a dealer of Shunxin whole wood furniture in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, said that as a dealer, he attached great importance to the platform advantages of cooperative brands

Star dealer: Wu Xiaohua

City: Jiangsu Changshu

business brand: Shunxin whole wood home

joining time: October 2009

cooperation speech

as a dealer, the platform advantage of the cooperative brand is the most important. Especially for the customization of wood products, the product quality, design ability, production refinement and service extension provided by the platform are particularly important. As a well-known customized brand of wood products in China, Shunxin whole wood home is worthy of admiration and respect for its strict control over product quality and meticulous attitude towards personalized customized products. This is also the place where I have been impressed by the cooperation with Shunxin whole wood home for many years, and it is also the lifeblood for the survival and long-term development of a brand. The cooperation with Shunxin whole wood home furnishing is comfortable, reassuring and reassuring

business philosophy

I never dare to say that I am a businessman. Compared with those bosses who are familiar with business, I just focus more on providing customers with more professional products and promotions. For every guest, we should treat each other sincerely and seek the best balance between the personalized needs of guests and professional customization requirements. Profit is not my first pursuit. In contrast, I pay more attention to brand reputation and long-term development. I think the sales of home building materials has never been the sales of products themselves, but the degree of professionalism and service. Building materials services never end with the recovery of the final payment for product installation. Guests often pay more attention to the follow-up services

experience sharing

Changshu is a county-level city, but Changshu people still have a strong brand awareness of consumption. For the consumption of building materials and home furnishings, they usually shop around and pay more attention to the recommendation of friends. Therefore, for small cities, word-of-mouth is very important. Relatively speaking, Changshu's consumption tends to be rational, which requires us to improve professional accuracy and expand service dimensions. Let consumers really recognize, so that they can gain a firm foothold in the market





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