Finishing blue decoration Scandinavian feeling

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Photos of the head of household, family and friends are pasted on the wall in the kitchen, because she doesn't want only cold appliances and tableware in the kitchen. Match with some letter ornaments and water pink dyed linen bag to create a private back garden

the blue wall background in the living room is darker than the kitchen, and the sofa and the lacquered lake blue side cabinet are all antique goods left by parents' generation. Use the old tablecloth and the big flower case bag to dress it up, as if you can smell the faint fragrance of flowers

the single chair placed in the reading corner is matched with the sofa in the reception area. A large number of books and magazines are stored in the corner bookcase, which is neatly arranged and looks very clean

the head of household only loves blue, so he applies blue with different saturation to her home. Even the small space of stairs and steps is also written with words associated with blue

the wooden floor in the living room gives people a fresh and comfortable feeling of being free from worldly strife; The blue wall with high saturation is also the traditional color of the Nordic style. In addition, gorgeous flower patterns cover the ordinary square shape of the sofa itself, and color printing is also a classic element in its style application

for the wall decoration of the living room, pure color is the emphasis. The paintings of white linen are decorated with simple and strong flowers and plants. These red, green or purple flowers with clear color contrast make the room full of vitality




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