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At present, there are many kinds and brands of wall paint in the market, and the price and function are also far from each other. How to choose a suitable wall paint has become a puzzle for many consumers

at present, there are many kinds and brands of wall paint in the market, and the price and function are also far from each other. How to choose and buy a suitable wall paint has become a puzzle for many consumers

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experts said that the purchase of wall paint should pay attention to the actual use functions of wall paint, such as the quality and environmental protection performance of wall paint, and there is no need to deliberately require other functional functions

detail 1: true and false wall paint "has traces to follow"

although some low-quality wall paint can confuse the fake with the real on the packaging, loopholes can be found through careful comparison. Qi Fuquan said that there are bar codes on the packaging barrels of genuine wall paint, that is, anti-counterfeiting codes. Consumers can enter bar codes through product related websites to determine, while fake and low-quality wall paint will generally "show its true colors" at this level

once the inferior wall paint is applied to the wall, it will not only affect the beauty of the wall, but also directly affect human health. Especially the harmful substances contained in the wall paint. The content of harmful substances in inferior wall paint often exceeds the standard, which brings harm to the human body. For example, formaldehyde exceeding the standard can cause eye and throat irritation, cause skin allergy, and even cause asthma. Heavy metals such as lead, chromium, mercury exceed the standard, which is harmful to the nervous system, cardiovascular system and genetics

therefore, when purchasing wall paint, we must buy environmental friendly wall paint. Qi Fuquan said that regular brand wall paint must have an environmental protection test report. When purchasing, businesses should be required to show the test report, preferably the recent (within half a year) national test report presented by the testing department above the provincial level, to check whether the environmental protection data of wall paint meets the national limit index

detail 2: the ex factory date is also the key

poor quality wall paint not only has poor environmental protection performance, but also has poor light sense, obvious graininess and rough hand feel. Although high-quality wall paint can greatly reduce these problems, once the wall paint expires, it will smell, and the color will change. After mixing the wall paint with water, it cannot be completely dissolved in water, affecting the use

experts emphasize that the shelf life of high-grade wall paint is generally long, but in order to ensure the use effect of wall paint, when purchasing wall paint, in addition to checking the environmental protection test report, we should also pay attention to the delivery time and shelf life of wall paint. In addition, not all expired wall paint can be used. If it is found that the wall paint is only expired for three or five days, it can still be used at a water mixing rate of 30%, that is, every 10 liters of wall paint can be mixed with 3 liters of water, and some high-quality wall paint can also be mixed with 40% of water

consumers can choose the thickness of wall paint according to their preferences. After the inferior wall paint is applied, the paint film is relatively thin, which is difficult to cover the putty and sandpaper marks left when dealing with the wall base. Generally speaking, after painting the wall paint, the paint film should be smooth, uniform and free of traces of the base course

detail 3: pay attention to the light feeling of wall paint

the color of wall paint on the market is also diverse. From the perspective of decorative effect, there are currently no light, matte, bright, semi gloss and other wall paint, and its price will also rise and fall slightly due to different brushing effects. However, Qi Fuquan said that the difference in labor cost when painting different types of wall paint is very small, generally speaking, the difference is about 2 yuan per square meter

after the matt wall paint is applied, the wall surface has a low light feeling, while the wall surface with bright wall paint has a relatively obvious light feeling. At present, in order to pursue the brightness of the room, some consumers like to choose bright wall paint with high light sensitivity. Qi Fuquan said that when the sun and light are strong, bright wall paint will reflect light, which is easy to cause discomfort to people's vision. Matte, matte or semi gloss wall paint is not easy to reflect light, which is more suitable for use in the room

in addition to the different light sensitivity of the wall paint itself, the difference of painting process will also lead to different light sensitivity of the wall. If the thickness of the wall paint is uneven and the wall base is uneven, the wall surface may appear "shadow" or even "goose egg pattern" after painting. In case of similar problems, the wall surface shall be polished again with sandpaper, and then the wall paint shall be painted evenly





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