Company is light, pompous and plain, which is the

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Even if there is no table or chair, there must be a wooden door at home, and hurried life seems to forget its existence

company is light, boastful, and rustic. It is the longest confession.

even if there is no table, There is no chair

but there must be a wooden door at home

hurried life seems to have forgotten its existence

opened with the bright morning light

closed with the Crimson Sunset

the opening and closing room seems to be telling the past of life

time turns

the past pain has been annihilated in the long river of time

but the scar on the wooden door still cannot heal

it seems to be a warning

or a warning

like a light

guide the road ahead in the dark night

don't repeat the mistakes

the colorful life makes people intoxicated

the temptation of reality makes people lose themselves

don't complain about the unhappiness around

remember, God closes a door

after you think calmly

will always open a window for you

it isolates the cold wind outside

what it leaves is the temperature

it isolates the noisy world outside

what it leaves is the quiet

door, Always have their own meaning of existence

stand there quietly

no matter it's windy or rainy

no matter it's spring, summer, autumn or winter

stick to their posts

have no regrets

it will open when it's most needed

let "get lost" The owner found his way home

had it with him at the most confused time

it turned out that happiness was so simple

years inadvertently left an invasion mark on its face

lightened some pompous decorations

thickened some pure simplicity

but I still chose to keep it

at least it witnessed my youth

witnessed my step-by-step growth

I will always accompany it

until the end of life

warmth Perhaps it's just the thickness of a door

but it carries the dusty years of several generations

shiyoumumen's lifelong company

will be your longest love confession




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