The hottest humanoid robot in the world comes out

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The world's smallest humanoid robot comes out, with a height of 16.5 cm

Japan's domei company recently launched a small robot, which is considered to be "the world's smallest humanoid robot of commercial production"

according to the introduction of domei, "i-Sobot" is 16.5cm tall and weighs 350g. It uses Ni MH battery as the transmission device and vacuum tube power, and can speak 180 phrases. It has completed an independent sublicense of more than 200 kinds of active BASF granted by Peking University to related patents related to nickel cobalt manganese (NCM) cathode materials of American Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). It can also play 90 kinds of effect music and play 5 songs

in the on-site demonstration, "i-Sobot" walked, kicked and rolled forward under the remote control of the staff, and sometimes appeared to play the guitar, shaking his head and enjoying himself; Sometimes, with the accompaniment of music, a Hawaiian Hula Dance was performed in the postdoctoral research workstation. The staff said that the robot can understand 10 national languages and give orders to it by voice

it is reported that "i-Sobot" will be sold simultaneously in Japan and North America on October 25. The price in Japan is 31290 yen (about 256 US dollars). The robot is expected to be launched in China in November

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