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Hunan Construction machinery industry chain ranks first, aiming at the world-class industrial cluster in the cold months of December. Lugu Industrial Park in Changsha, Hunan is busy, and the aurora green on dozens of flat-panel trucks will be sent to Russia, South Korea and other places

driven by multiple factors such as domestic infrastructure investment and production and manufacturing process upgrading, Hunan's industrial production and sales are all the way popular, and overseas orders are pouring in

according to the latest release of the Department of industry and information technology of Hunan Province on the 15th, in 2018, the Hunan Construction machinery industry chain is expected to achieve an operating revenue of 166billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of about 9%, ranking first in China's construction machinery industry cluster

it can be seen from the released information that heavy industry, heavy science and technology, and four enterprises were shortlisted as the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises in 2018, and the top five Hunan enterprises of China's construction machinery occupied three seats. Taking this advantage, Hunan is making great efforts to build the construction machinery industry into a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster, and striding forward to the middle and high end of the global value chain

"on the other hand, the industry is highly concentrated and has strong scientific research force. Hunan Construction machinery has formed an industrial pattern with Changsha as the leader, Changsha and Xiangtan as the machine manufacturing center, and Zhuzhou and Hengyang as the supporting parts." Huang Tao, former director of Changsha Economic and Information Technology Commission, said that Hunan's construction machinery products account for 70% of the total category of construction machinery products in China, covering more than 160 countries and regions around the world, and the market position of some products has remained the first in China and even the world all the year round

relying on independent innovation, the status of Hunan Construction Machinery Industry in the global value chain has been continuously improved. With the gradual improvement of overseas layout, it is becoming an overseas "business card" made in Hunan

seizing the opportunity of "the the Belt and Road" construction, Zoomlion has built 9 production bases, 20 trade platforms and 10 spare parts central warehouses in the areas along the line; 70-80% of overseas markets are distributed along the "the Belt and Road"; CRCC heavy industries has successively set up 11 regional operating branches in Singapore, Thailand, India, Russia and other countries and regions

from the perspective of the development path of major world-class industrial clusters in the world, establishing a competitive and open scientific research system and maintaining sustainable competitiveness and innovation is the key to the development of industrial clusters. From which configurations can we see the advantages and disadvantages of electronic universal laboratory equipment? The world-class brand is an important symbol of the maturity of industrial clusters. Huang Tao said that to build a world-class industrial cluster of construction machinery in Hunan, it is necessary to cultivate a number of world-class enterprises with international competitiveness

"the most important thing is to make breakthroughs in core parts." In the opinion of huangxuegong, chief engineer of Hunan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, building a world-class industrial cluster is a system. "Chang Manson pointed out that the project also needs to issue relevant supporting policies for key areas and key links, and formulate policies and measures conducive to the introduction and absorption of overseas high-quality talents when it is combined with variable 1 extensive plastic granulator and intelligent plastic granulator, so as to promote the accelerated gathering of high-end talents

building an internationally influential construction machinery exhibition platform is also an important promotion measure for Hunan. In recent years, the (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Accessories Expo and Trade Fair held in Hunan Province is quite famous in the industry. From 2019, it will be upgraded to Changsha International Construction Machinery Expo. (tangxiaoqin)

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