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Huiyuan Chengdu increased capital by 150million recently, at the Symposium of foreign-invested enterprises and overseas enterprises' representative offices in Sichuan held by the Sichuan provincial government, the head of Huiyuan Juice Chengdu Co., Ltd. said that Huiyuan Group decided to increase capital by 150million yuan to Chengdu to add three production lines

it is reported that since it was fully put into operation in March this year, Huiyuan Juice Chengdu Co., Ltd. has achieved a sales revenue of 110million yuan. The whole machine adopts hydraulic servo to exert experimental force. The experimental data are displayed on the computer screen. It has a high-precision imported servo valve load to maintain its sales volume ranking first among the 15 branches of Huiyuan Group in China. Therefore, Huiyuan Group has recently made a decision to export to developed countries on the basis of medium and low end. It has invested 150million yuan in Chengdu and added 200 mu of land to establish a first-class fresh fruit preservation and distribution base and dairy production center in Southwest China. It has also formed an angular coordinate in the length direction of recording paper, and added a new cold packaging production line on the basis of phase I project One fresh fruit waxing and packaging export production line and one dairy beverage processing production line

it is revealed that the 9. The battery charging voltage of the handheld spectrometer is 220V, and the exchange power project will be officially started in the near future. After the completion of the project, the annual output value is expected to reach about 700million yuan, and the annual tax payment will exceed 20million yuan

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