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Hunan industry and Commerce announced the quality supervision in the third quarter. The qualified rate of paint and coating was only 72.2%

Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce generally recommended the provisions of din16901 in the German national standard. Recently, the Bureau reported the quality monitoring of commodities in the circulation field in the third quarter of 2009, including 47 batches of products, including "Meiyi" mung bean sand popsicle and "a laboratory precision grade fanti" bright crystal clear finish, Quality is bound to become the trend of China's manufacturing supply side reform, and the unqualified quantity is exposed

the spot check involved six categories of products, such as moon cake, convenience food, frozen food, artificial board, paint and coating, plug and socket. A total of 206 groups of samples were monitored, 140 were qualified and 66 were unqualified, with a pass rate of 67.9%. Among the 6 categories of products, the quality of building materials is not optimistic. 6. When bending the goods, the qualified rate of paint and coating is 72.2%, and 10 groups of samples are unqualified. The main problems are that the volatile organic compounds (VOC) exceed the standard, there is no CCC certification mark, and the label does not indicate the main film-forming substances; The qualified rate of wood-based panel is the lowest, only 34.1%. Among the 27 unqualified samples, the main problem is that the formaldehyde emission is unqualified

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