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Xerox signed a contract with lason to simplify and improve its printing operation process

Xerox and lason signed a US $3.4 million agreement on October 30 to help lason develop a new, dual-purpose printing center to replace the existing two special printing departments. Featuring redesigned workflow and upgraded technology, the center has dual functions, saving lason's operating costs and improving productivity. Lason is a state-owned company specializing in providing integrated information management services

at present, lason operates two web printing operation centers in Detroit. One is the data center, which prints personalized materials such as statements and bills for credit cooperatives, insurance companies, banks and stockbrokers; The other is the on-demand printing department, which is used to produce some commonly used documents, such as customized user training manuals, personalized drug description Packaging, packaging required by brokers, and materials that often need to be changed versions, such as similar software and training manuals

xerox will redesign its printing management system so that lason can use only one printing management system to complete the printing of two different materials in one plant. The sharing of all printing equipment not only improves the utilization efficiency of the equipment, but also reduces the equipment from becoming the main raw material supplier of the global surface material industry and the operator of the technology service provider

this upgraded technology includes six Xerox docutech 6155 devices and four docutech 6180 publishing systems, a Xerox docucolor 2060 digital printer and Solimar software. The new Xerox rotary printing machine replaces the original continuous paper delivery equipment with poor flexibility and high operating costs. In order to further save costs, lason decided that Xerox would be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment

"Xerox has provided and greatly reduced the system control circuit and provided a complete solution package - including expertise, equipment and services - so that we can improve printing production and meet the changing needs of customers." Mr. Robert Gregory, executive vice president of lason, said, "Xerox is a good partner. It understands our business needs and strives to help us increase our revenue, which is conducive to our success."

due to increased productivity and cost savings, lason plans to install the same workflow in other offices across the country

Lason is a state-owned company that specializes in providing comprehensive information management services. It can effectively transmit data in commercial exchanges by acquiring, transforming and activating documents required by plastic machinery. Lason has businesses in United States, Canada, Mexico, India and Caribbean. At present, the company has at least 85 multi-functional imaging centers and at least 60 equipment management points agreed by customers

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