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The 2019 Xi'an construction waste comprehensive renovation work conference was held

the earthwork was stripped layer by layer, and the black car and black construction site still existed. Only four of the 10 construction waste disposal sites were completed. On April 3, the office of the Xi'an construction waste removal and transportation market order comprehensive renovation work leading group organized

the earthworks are stripped layer by layer, and the black cars and black construction sites still exist. Only four of the 10 construction waste disposal sites have been completed. On April 3, the office of the leading group for the comprehensive improvement of market order in Xi'an, which is extremely useful for the removal and transportation of construction waste, organized and held the national construction waste treatment pilot work promotion and the city's 2019 construction waste comprehensive treatment work conference. The above problems are the weakness of the city's construction waste comprehensive treatment work, It is in urgent need of strengthening

explore and promote the separate bidding system for earthwork contracting

it is reported that in March 2018, the city was listed as one of the 35 pilot cities for construction waste treatment in China. The general office of the municipal government issued the implementation plan for Xi'an pilot city for construction waste treatment, and solidly promoted the pilot work through 7 major and 21 minor measures. Aluminum alloy cables are in use. In the medium-term research organized by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the comprehensive treatment of construction waste in our city has been highly recognized. In addition, the resource utilization of construction waste in our city has also entered a new stage of rapid development. In 2018, the city jointly built two resource utilization plants with an annual processing capacity of more than 1million tons, three new plants were started, and more than 10 plants with an annual processing capacity of less than 1million tons were built. The resource utilization rate of demolished waste reached 25.8%, and the provincial examination index was successfully completed

2018 has made some achievements, but there are also many weak links. In terms of earthwork, there is a phenomenon of subcontracting layer by layer, skimming and peeling constantly, and the direct consequence of this phenomenon is that the freight rate is falsely high, but the profit that transportation enterprises can earn is very meager. This has also aggravated the frequent occurrence of illegal operations by many transportation enterprises in order to save costs, and it is also easy to breed Mafia and evil forces that control earthwork

the meeting called for the solid implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the exploration and promotion of the separate bidding system for earthworks, the further optimization of the business environment, and the standardization of construction waste disposal behavior

ecological compensation should be made to the consumption area.

illegal disposal of construction waste at black car and black construction sites is not only an industry disorder, but also a stubborn management disease, but also the key content of the special struggle to eradicate crime in the construction field. Through a recent inspection, the office of the Municipal Leading Group for the comprehensive improvement of the order of the construction waste removal and transportation market found that the problem of black cars and black construction sites in individual jurisdictions was prominent, with an increase in media complaints, strong public reactions, and extremely bad industry impact

according to statistics, since January this year, only municipal departments have found as many as 10 problems involving black cars and black construction sites in the inspection! A construction site in the area is blatant, undisguised and frantically transported. If it enters the uninhabited territory, the district management department does not know such a big movement? Such a problem exists for a long time in a region, which has a lot to do with the competent departments. Is there a benefit transfer problem behind it, a corruption problem, and an umbrella

the meeting required all districts, counties and development zones to pay close attention to this prominent problem, closely combine the special fight against the underworld and the characteristics of the work in the industry, especially in view of the resurgence of the phenomenon of illegal vehicles and illegal workers, to seriously organize the public security, construction, urban management and other departments to seriously study the law, adopt extraordinary measures, strengthen joint law enforcement, seriously pursue accountability, and seriously investigate and deal with the industrial chaos found, and never tolerate it

the difficulty of consumption has always been a bottleneck restricting the management of construction waste in the city, and has also had a certain impact on the improvement of the business environment. In 2018, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, together with relevant municipal departments, selected 10 waste disposal sites (backfill points) in the city, which are required to be completed and put into use by the end of the year, but only 4 have been completed so far

the meeting required relevant district and county governments, especially Lantian County and Gaoling District, to further improve their stations and speed up the progress of construction and approval. In addition, in order to improve the enthusiasm of the consumption area to build consumption places, on the one hand, the consumption area will be given extra points as appropriate in the assessment of haze control with an iron fist. On the other hand, we should make ecological compensation for the consumption area. In addition, the consumption area should enhance the awareness of the overall situation and the concept of the overall situation, jump out of the invisible wall of the regional boundary, think of the sense of responsibility and mission of the citizens, serve the urban construction, and help the development of the times, and make every effort to ensure the consumption of key and livelihood projects, Don't let the consumption of construction waste become an obstacle to urban development and "Duzhizhong, senior vice president of Solvay polymer business unit and general manager of Greater China and Southeast Asia, said that the last kilometer of citizens' happiness.

the meeting stressed that the city should focus on the overall situation of catching up with and surpassing the tough year, improving the business environment, strengthening the style construction in, and integrating the construction waste. The material is characterized by cool texture and thermal conductivity like pottery. Governance and resource utilization are the basis of urban construction We should pay close attention to sex work. We should focus on the key points, pay close attention to the safe operation of the industry, crack down on the chaos of the industry, speed up the solution of consumption problems, strengthen the control of dust pollution, and promote the work with high standards and strict requirements. Ensure that all tasks of the comprehensive renovation work in 2019 are completed on time, and ensure the successful conclusion of the national construction waste treatment pilot

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